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Los Cabos Is One Of The Top Luxury Travel Destinations In The World, According To New Report

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Los Cabos continues to grow into one of the most important luxury travel destinations across the globe.

Recently, a team at Slingo looked into the different amenities provided by 5-star resorts in some of the most popular destinations in the world.

Hotel Suite With A Private Pool Overlooking The Ocean

When all of the scores were added up Los Cabos came in second place only behind Abu Dhabi. 

What’s interesting about this particular report is that it doesn’t take into account personal experiences to rank the different destinations.

Instead, it boils everything down to facts. Essentially what the report is concluding is that the luxury resorts in Los Cabos are the second-most “complete” across the world.

What we mean by complete, is that Cabo resorts tend to offer a good number of high-end amenities to their guests. In a way that’s only matched by Abu Dhabi. At least according to this report.

Interior of a luxury hotel room with a private bathtub

Finding A 5-Star Resort in Cabo Is Really Easy

According to the latest data published by the Mexican government in 2021, Cabo had 173 hotels. That number has increased by a bit over the last few years.

In any case, according to this new study 15% of the hotels in Cabo are 5-star resorts.

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View of the Pool and Hotel at Grand Velas Los Cabos

That means that travelers to Cabo can pick a room at one of the roughly 26 5-star resorts for their luxury vacation.

Having plenty of options to choose from is certainly something travelers seem to appreciate. High-end hotel brands are actually recognizing this and increasing their presence throughout the Mexican Pacific.    

Room Service Served At A Beachside Restort With A View

The Report Claims Cabo Is The Best Spot To Find A Resort With An Infinity Pool

Out of the 10 cities on the list, it’s Cabo where it is more likely that you’ll be swimming in an infinity pool as a hotel guest. 10% of the hotels in Cabo have one of these pools.

The report highlights the pools at the Hard Rock and Nobu resorts. The one at the Grand Velas is also one of the favorites.

If you’re looking for a good pool, the Chileno Bay resort could also make a short list of hotels with the top pools in the region.  

Beach chairs next to an infinity pool with the ocean in the background

Hot Tubs & Jacuzzis Are Also Very Common At Cabo Hotels

If you want to narrow down your search for a hotel based on the number of options with hot tubs or jacuzzis available, the list isn’t going to get too narrow.

Out of all of the cities within the report, Cabo is the one where it’s more likely that your hotel will feature a hot tub or jacuzzi. About 41% of the hotels in Cabo offer this particular amenity.

Private Jacuzzi at a resort that overlooks a bay area

It’s important to point out, though, that this doesn’t mean that 41% of the rooms in Cabo hotels have their own hot tub.

Resorts typically have in-room hot tubs for their premium room options only. If you’re staying at one of the standard rooms at some of these resorts, you could be missing out on the private hot tub option.   

Outdoor plunge pool at Rancho Pescadero in Todos Santos

The Unique Amenity That You Won’t Find At Many Cabo Hotels 

The category used in the report to grade these luxury travel destinations that Los Cabos scored the worst in was no surprise.

In the report, investigators were tasked with quantifying how many of the resorts featured an indoor pool.

It turns out that only 2% of the properties in Los Cabos feature that specific amenity. There seem to be pretty clear reasons why Cabo hotels are not building indoor pools. 

man relaxing by the pool

What resorts want is for their guests to be able to enjoy the Cabo weather and the breathtaking views that you take in from cliffside resorts like the Waldorf Astoria.

That could also help explain why so many resorts opt to build infinity pools instead of indoor pools. Apart from naming Los Cabos as the second-best luxury travel destination, the report can really help travelers coming to Cabo to determine the type of amenities that they can hope to find at local resorts.

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