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Top 5 Tips For Buying Souvenirs From Cabo Beach Vendors 

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Everyone likes to take home a little something to remind them of their vacation and there is never a shortage of locals offering their wares, but not everything tourists see is worth the money they pay for it.  Follow these top 5 tips for buying souvenirs from beach vendors in Cabo to avoid overpaying for goods, or even worse being scammed.  Not only will being cautious result in a better buying experience and purchasing better quality products, but it will also help legitimate vendors stay in business too. 

One of the biggest issues visitors face when vacationing in Cabo, and in Mexico in general, is avoiding scams targeting tourists.  Whether walking through the city or relaxing on the beach, there are people everywhere offering goods and services for sale and it isn’t easy determining which ones are actual vendors and which ones are civilians looking to make a quick buck.  These tips will help those visiting Cabo, and other cities throughout the country, to determine who it is safe to buy souvenirs and other goods and services from, what to buy, and some general rules to the game. 

  1. Don’t Buy Jewelry From Beach Vendors – Unless buying a beaded necklace or costume jewelry it is best to avoid buying “jewelry” from beach vendors.  If a seller is claiming that they have precious metals and/or stones there is no way to tell if it’s real and there is a good chance it is not. 
  1. Feel Free To Haggle Over The Price – Tourists planning to buy something from a beach vendor shouldn’t be afraid to haggle over the price.  These vendors sell everything from blankets to haircuts and there are plenty of them willing to beat the competition.  They also see haggling over price as part of the game and it could mean getting more souvenirs for less. 
  1. Be Sure To Only Buy From Uniformed Vendors – Certain rules were recently implemented in order to try to keep track of which beach vendors are licensed and who is working illegally.  One of the ways tourists can tell the difference is by looking for the standard long sleeve shirt licensed vendors are required to wear.   
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  1. Buy Or Don’t, But Do Not Say Maybe – Buying souvenirs and other items from beach vendors is a fun part of vacationing in Mexico but tourists should say no if it’s something they know they don’t want.  Never say maybe because the vendor is going to think there is still a possibility for a sale, and they’re going to be relentless in their pursuit of that sale. 
  1. Don’t Be Rude – Finally, don’t be rude to the vendors, assuming they are just doing their jobs and not being rude themselves.  It’s important to remember that selling their wares on the beach is the way they make a living and it is acceptable in Cabo.  Tourists should simply say no and move on if they are not interested. 

When visiting a place like Cabo, which is a popular tourist destination with millions of visitors every year, there are going to be all sorts of things tourists are not used to seeing. Vendors on the beach are not something seen in a place like Florida or California but it is perfectly legal in Mexico and it is a great way to get some souvenirs as a reminder of the trip. The main thing is for tourists to be careful and only purchase the things they want so that everybody involved is safe and happy at the end of the day.