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Top 5 Safety Tips Los Cabos Travelers Should Know Before Visiting This Spring

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With spring break around the corner and a huge influx of travelers expected to arrive in Los Cabos, ranging from retired couples searching for a relaxing and rejuvenating stay in San Jose del Cabo to groups of young Americans ready to enjoy the awesome nightlife in Cabo San Lucas, safety is the topic dominating the news cycle.

A view of lovers beach in los cabos

Even though Los Cabos holds a fantastic reputation when it comes to both safety and security regarding vacations, nowhere is 100% safe.

However, travelers can ensure they have the best chance of a carefree and positive vacation experience by remembering and respecting the following information.

Beware Of The Water

This is a topic that is thankfully becoming better known among travelers, with extensive efforts being made to educate travelers on the potential hazards of the water surrounding this luxurious destination.

But for those new to all things Los Cabos, it’s important to know that the destination has numerous beaches where the water can have deadly consequences.

Strong undercurrents, steep and surprising drops in the depth of the sea floor, and unpredictable freak waves are the main culprits behind Los Cabos’ reputation for dangerous swimming conditions.

Although, the news isn’t all bad as the destination also has an abundance of perfectly safe beaches to cool off in the water.

A beach area in cabo san lucas

These include some of the most popular beaches in Los Cabos, such as:

  • Medano Beach
  • Lover’s Beach
  • Chileno Beach
  • Santa Maria Beach
  • Palmilla Beach
  • Cabo Pulmo

However, even on these swimmable beaches travelers should still exercise caution and obey lifeguards and the beach flag system at all times.

View of Medano Beach from a rooftop restaurant

Play It Safe With Transportation

Unlike Cancun, Los Cabos has so far avoided any serious skirmishes between taxi drivers and Uber drivers, an issue that negatively impacted many travelers’ vacations to the Mexican Caribbean.

With that being said, travelers still need to exercise caution when it comes to how they decide to move around in Los Cabos.

Girl Looking at the Uber App While Riding in a Car

Firstly, late at night, it is always advisable to take a licensed taxi or Uber back to the resort, even if It’s only a mile away and travelers are hoping the night air will help sober them up. Los Cabos doesn’t often see robberies of travelers at night, but with trustworthy transportation remaining affordable, it’s a chance not worth taking.

Second, always opt for pre-booked services. Whether for the transfer from the airport to the resort or just getting around the destination, never hail a cab at the roadside.

The only time when travelers should ignore this advice is when catching a cab from one of the signposted taxi stands which are in use only by licensed and regulated taxi cabs.

Taxis Near Bus Station

Don’t Flash The Cash

A recent warning from the U.S. Embassy In Mexico highlighted this point with their advice to travelers visiting Los Cabos during spring, and it is valuable advice.

Travelers for the most part don’t need to be concerned with high-level crime being committed against them, but like any busy tourist destination crimes of opportunity can happen at any time.

tourists walking along marina

To keep the chances of this happening as close to zero as possible follow the following tips:

  • Only take out what cash you need, and don’t flash it openly in public areas or bars/nightclubs.
  • Avoid wearing watches or expensive-looking jewelry.
  • Only use in bank ATMs and only withdraw exactly what is needed.
  • Don’t walk down side streets or dimly lit areas alone at night.

For any travelers from a big city, these points are pretty standard to any night out, but it becomes even more important to follow them when in a foreign country.

Row Of ATM Machines Inside A Bank In Mexico

Pack Sunblock

As much of a no-brainer as this sounds, travelers should remember to respect the sun at all times.

Los Cabos is on the coast where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez, and both help to keep temperatures comfortable. However, this doesn’t impact the strength of the sun, and the last thing travelers want to do is lose a day or two of valuable vacation time recovering from either sunburn or sunstroke.

The late afternoon sun starts to set over the El Arco coastal rocks as boats float nearby at the Mexican port city of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Beware Of Fraud

Fraud is an unwelcome reality the world over, and Los Cabos is no different in that respect.

While Los Cabos is far from being a hotbed of this activity, it does still occur, and travelers should be wary of a few of the more common examples they might come across.

  • Pleas For Help – This can come from someone claiming to be a local but is also known to be committed by other foreigners. The basic premise is a plea for money with a story of hardship, often around being unable to get back home after being robbed.
  • Dropped Camera – Another all-too-common example is the dropped camera routine. This is when a friendly stranger asks travelers to take a picture for them, but then deliberately drops it as they hand it over, and then demand payment for the damage.
  • Street Games – Los Cabos has in the past had to deal with issues around rigged street games, often in the form of games of chance. This has improved with more strict enforcement by authorities, but can still take place.
Tourists and Guards in the Marina Area of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

While travelers should stay vigilant around potential fraud, the vast majority who visit will not come into contact with these issues. However, if a traveler does encounter one of these potential frauds, politely refuse and keep on walking.

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