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How Los Cabos Plans To Improve These Popular Beaches Ahead Of Spring Break

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With Spring Break quickly approaching in Los Cabos, upgrades to tourist amenities are being made to enhance the guest experience for travelers on their vacation getaway to the beach.

For example, additional basic needs such as restroom facilities and deep cleanings are coming soon to several of the most popular tourist beaches in Los Cabos.

View of popular Medano Beach with beach umbrellas and surfboards, in the heart of downtown Cabo San Lucas.

Restrooms Now Available

The latest addition of basic amenities at the top tourist beach in all of Los Cabos will finally bring restroom facilities for visitors to El Médano Beach in the tourist zone.

Before now, tourists wanting to use a restroom near El Médano beach had to scramble to find an available restroom at a nearby restaurant or store and often pay a few pesos for use of the restroom.

This is not uncommon around the world, including at El Médano beach in Los Cabos.

El Medano Beach in Los Cabos

However, a local organization of El Médano merchants and businesses will allow tourists needing to use a restroom to use a former wine cellar between the Corazón and Hacienda hotels as a convenient restroom facility.

The facility is currently under renovation to be open for the spring holiday travel season, which is right around the corner in Los Cabos.

The news report mentioned that the facilities were being donated. So, it is assumed that they will be free for visitors to enjoy their vacation getaway in the sun, sand, and surf at El Médano beach.

El Medano beach in Los Cabos

Cleaning the Beaches

While the amount of trash being discarded on local beaches has declined in this interim period between the winter and spring holiday travel periods, they are already getting ready for the large amounts of trash being generated by Spring Break travelers.

This week, several of the popular tourist beaches will be deep cleaned in advance of the influx of international travelers for the spring holiday travel season.

Workers cleaning a beach

“There are more and more people who like to participate in them,” said Federal Maritime-Terrestrial Zone Cabo San Lucas Coordinator Manuel Cortés Ávila in a report about the cleaning session.  “They are aware of the issue, of caring for the beaches, caring for the environment, although we have encountered people who are indifferent and are not interested in participating.”

The good news is that local officials are, in fact, seeing less trash being left behind on the local beaches.

This is not only good for the cleaning needed for the upcoming Spring Break, but it also helps the local beaches maintain the prestigious Blue Flag designation.

blue flag on beach

According to federal and municipal officials, the beach of main concern remains El Corsario Beach, as it tends to receive more trash than any other beach in Los Cabos.

While this is not the most popular tourist beach, it is frequented very often by locals. However, local officials want to keep it clean to welcome international travelers to Los Cabos.

What Travelers Need to Know

Busy Beach Full of Tourists During Spring Break in Cabo San Lucas

As the busy spring travel season quickly approaches in Los Cabos, travelers should be aware of the extensive preparations being made to prepare for their welcome to one of the premier beach resort destinations in the entire country.

Work is being done to enhance the guest experience and provide convenient services such as nearby restrooms and clean beach facilities.

Visitors can also do their part to ensure the facilities are clean for all guests to Los Cabos for the busy upcoming Spring Break travel period.

DJ at Spring Break party

The easiest way to do their part is to follow the mission to pack out what they pack in for their day in the sun, sand and surf.

Travelers can help Los Cabos maintain the important Blue Flag beach status by collecting trash at the end of the day and disposing of it at trash and recycling cans at local beaches or by throwing it away at their resort at the end of the day.

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Friday 15th of March 2024

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