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Top 4 Things To Do In Los Cabos While Nearly All Beaches Are Hazardous

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It can be a real bummer to have your dream vacation plans not pan out the way you pictured it.

You saw yourself wading in Cabo’s beautiful blue waters only to show up and see the dreaded black flag on the beach.

As one of the world’s top beach getaways, it’s only natural to want to go to the beach. With many of the off-limits right now, many Cabo travelers may wonder what to do instead.

male hiker on scenic trail

The beach is still wonderful to take in the view and nice breeze, but the fact of the matter is that it’s unsafe to get in.

There have been too many reports of accidents, some even fatal. Since it’s best to avoid the beach fun for now, there is fun to be had in other places.

Here are the top 4 things to do in Los Cabos while nearly all beaches are currently hazardous:

Enjoy A Nice Hike

People tend to come to Los Cabos for relaxing stays at some of the finest beachfront resorts. Of course, many want to add the all-inclusive packages for a little extra indulgence.

2 tourists on a hike in desert canyon

With all the amazing resorts to choose from, who can blame them? But one thing you may not hear people talk about with Cabo is how awesome it is away from the ocean too.

Take the small town of Santiago, for example. A hidden gem that is slowly becoming more popular with outdoor enthusiasts.

Home to awesome hot springs and a gorgeous waterfall hike with a picturesque swimming hole at the bottom of the falls.

Only an hour and a half away from Cabo San Lucas, it’s definitely worth the trip if you strike out with the beach.

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waterfall near Santiago mexico

Day Trip To Charming Small Towns

Los Cabos is located at the southernmost tip of the Baja peninsula. You simply can’t go any further south.

To the north are some charming small towns worth getting out of the hustle and bustle of this touristy city.

One of the more popular towns within the day-trip range is Todos Santos. Formerly a secret to the surfer and backpacker crowd, the secret is out about this quaint town full of character.

vibrant street in Todos Santos

Todos Santos rivals some of Cabo’s best beaches, but it’s also important to make sure these beaches are safe too, especially when there is a tropical storm on the horizon.

If you strike gold, you may even find yourself on a gorgeous tranquil beach all to yourself, which you definitely can’t do in Cabo!

The beaches aren’t all there is to offer here, however. This small town just an hour from the Cabo airport is perfect for spending the day immersing yourself in its laid-back culture.

Full of art galleries, artisan shops, and small restaurants with authentic cuisine, travelers won’t regret making the day trip here.

historic building in miraflores mexico

Another small town full of charm becoming more popular is Miraflores. Just 45 minutes away, this mountain town is a great way to appreciate its rich 300-year history.

Visitors will come across shops with beautiful handmade artisans that showcase traditions going back centuries.

Treat Yourself

Let’s face it, some people truly need a vacation. If you don’t treat yourself, you can run yourself into the ground.

tourist enjoying massage at beach resort

Fortunately, Los Cabos is the top wellness destination in all of Latin America. A key reason why it’s breaking tourism records this year.

Wellness retreats have been thriving because travelers have realized it’s time to be pampered to treat body, mind and soul.

Los Cabos is home to world-class spas, so travelers will have no trouble finding one that fits their needs. Whether it’s yoga or taking time to get a long, relaxing massage, Cabo is the place to put yourself first.

Indulge In Local Food And Beverages

Some people never leave their resort since all the food and drinks you could ever want are provided on-site.

toasting wine glasses in tropical destination

While that is fine and dandy, there are some great ways to indulge yourself in some of the finer things in life.

There is even a new food and wine pass granting access to resort hop around to some of the best food and wine options in a fun atmosphere.

It’s relatively easy to find tours in Cabo to take you on a tour to experience local flavors in decadent food and wine.

There are also tequila tastings, but be warned, these are not for the faint of heart. ‘Tastings’ being the keyword here.

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