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Los Cabos Tourists Urged Not Ignore Beach Flags As Dangerous Beach Conditions Expected To Continue

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Beach flags act as an essential warning system to let beachgoers know whether beach conditions are safe or not.

They warn of dangerous conditions in the water and on shore that are caused by strong rip currents and large waves, as well as the presence of dangerous marine life.

And Los Cabos tourists are now being urged by officials not to ignore these beach flags, as dangerous beach conditions are expected to continue for a while due to strong winds and variable weather patterns causing large waves.

Red Warning Flag on a Beach in Los Cabos, Mexico

Dangers Of Ignoring Beach Flags

Not heeding the warnings of the beach warning flags can lead to a lot of dangers.

Ignoring the white flag could mean coming across dangerous marine life.

Red and black flags warn that you may be dealing with some pretty dangerous water conditions, either in the water or even on the shore.

These three flags are the most important not to ignore.

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Beach Flags Explained

There are five main beach flags that indicate how safe, or unsafe, beach conditions are in Los Cabos.

They include:

● White Flag – Dangerous marine life is present.
● Yellow Flag – Beach is open but proceed with extreme caution.
● Red Flag – Beach is open but beachgoers should not enter the water.
● Black Flack – Beach is completely closed to visitors.
● Green Flag – Beach conditions are considered safe.

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Incidents That Have Occurred Due To Ignoring Beach Flags

Since the beginning of the summer, there have been a number of incidents that have occurred due to beach safety conditions in Los Cabos.

Last September, three tourists tragically drowned during the month due to swimming when there were strong waves and unpredictable rip currents.

And just in the last week or so a man drowned in Cabo San Lucas from unknown circumstances, and another person in nearby La Paz after getting into the water at a beach closed to swimming.

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Other Beach Dangers To Be Aware Of

The conditions of the water at the beaches in Los Cabos are not the only danger to be aware of.

Recently it was reported that jellyfish were showing up on many of the area’s beaches as well.

Also, Los Cabos has been experiencing some pretty high temperatures, so it’s important to take precautions to prevent sunburns, heat exhaustion, and dehydration when visiting the beaches too.

Man With A Burnt Bare Back On The Beach

Los Cabos Beach Safety Tips

In addition to heeding the warnings of the beach flags, there are some other tips that can help you stay safe on Los Cabos beaches.

The most important include:

● Always wear sunscreen.
● Limit alcohol intake.
● Stay hydrated.
● Swim where a lifeguard is present.
● Pay attention to water conditions.

Lifeguard Hut Mexico

The Most Dangerous Beaches In Los Cabos

Many of the dangerous beaches in Los Cabos, which are always unswimmable, are located on the Pacific side. In Cabo San Lucas dangerous beaches include:

● Divorce Beach
● Pedregal Beach
● Playa Solmar

In San Jose del Cabo the most dangerous beaches are:

● Estuary Beach
● Playa Hotelera

In the Tourist Corridor the unswimmable beaches include:

● El Tule Beach
● Playa Costa Azul
● Playa Monumentos

Rough Waters of Divorce Beach in Los Cabos, Mexico

Los Cabos’ Best Swimming Beaches

While there are quite a few beaches that are off-limits for swimming or only suitable for very strong swimmers, there are just as many great swimmable beaches.

There are fantastic beaches in all three areas – Cabo San Lucas, the Tourist Corridor, and San Jose del Cabo. The best beaches and their locations are:

● Medano Beach – Cabo San Lucas
● Cannery Beach – Cabo San Lucas
● Lover’s Beach – Cabo San Lucas
● Santa Maria Beach – Tourist Corridor
● Chileno Beach – Tourist Corridor
● Palmilla Beach – Tourist Corridor
● El Ganzo Beach – San Jose del Cabo
● La Playita – San Jose del Cabo

While these are all swimmable beaches, the current weather and beach conditions may make them unswimmable.

Be sure to pay attention to the beach warning flags and don’t ignore them if they indicate it is unsafe to swim so that you can have a safe Los Cabos beach vacation.

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