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6 Reasons Why This Gorgeous City Outside Los Cabos Is Perfect For Digital Nomads

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A couple of hours north of Los Cabos is a gorgeous city that has been gaining popularity lately. La Paz is a coastal getaway with so much to discover for those who have never been.

Some might be surprised to know it’s the capital city of the state of Baja California Sur since it is often overshadowed by Los Cabos.

But La Paz has been gaining steam this summer as a super popular vacation spot. The secret is out for summer vacationers, but what about digital nomads?

digital nomad in hammock at the beach

Since remote work has taken over the workforce since the pandemic, digital nomads are always on the hunt for their next destination.

Here are 6 reasons why La Paz is perfect for digital nomads:


Some remote workers are raking in the big bucks while others are scraping by. Budgeting is a very important factor when taking the plunge into digital nomadism.

La Paz is super affordable and perfect for a seasoned digital nomad or someone’s first time working and traveling.

traveler requesting an über

It’s not unreasonable to project a monthly budget of just $1000 for living expenses in La Paz, including food, housing and getting around town (including Uber).

Nice Airbnbs

Some of us like to work in private while others prefer to blend in and mingle in cafes. Digital nomads can do both in La Paz.

There is an abundance of comfortable stays to choose from on Airbnb, as well as other vacation rental platforms.

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traveler using airbnb app

Some condos equipped with Wi-Fi are in the $30 range nightly for shorter trips. Guests typically receive even further discounts in pricing when booking monthly.

It’s easy to find long-term accommodations for those wanting to call La Paz home for a while.

Cafes Everywhere

La Paz is not a huge city. In fact, there are only about 250,000 residents, according to the 2020 census.

It’s easily walkable through the city center, where travelers will run into cafes by the dozen. Mexico is known for having some of the best coffee in the world.

laptop and coffee

Digital nomads can open their laptops with a nice cup of jo. Some have beautiful waterfront views as a nice backdrop for your workday.

More Co-Working Spaces

If working in your own Airbnb or a charming cafe isn’t your style, La Paz has multiple co-working spaces to choose from.

Many choose a co-working space for more modern amenities and reliable Wi-Fi. Spread out across the city are 2 different companies offering shared workspaces. Those are Elsa and AMB.

modern coworking space

Both companies currently hold 5-star reviews on Google for their service, reliability, and easily accessible locations.

A Workcation Destination

There have been conflicting studies lately showing remote work creates a more productive environment, and other studies show less work is completed.

Digital nomads will have to keep their focus here as La Paz’s beauty can be a big distraction. There are gorgeous beaches and mountains to go and spend your time.

snorkeling with sea turtle

There are a variety of water activities, such as snorkeling, and other outdoor activities to spend in the mountains, such as hiking or renting off-road vehicles.

La Paz has plenty to offer, so much so that digital nomads will have the fight the temptation to get out and see it all during their workday.

La Paz Is Very Safe

Mainstream media has a tendency to present Mexico as a dangerous destination. Like many places across the globe, some places are better suited for tourists to visit than others.

colorful la paz sign

La Paz is super safe and has a crime rate lower than many U.S. cities. Violent crime should not be high on the list of your worries here.

Just like any destination, there can be petty crime to look out for. This region of Mexico has been prone to tourist scams in recent months, but nothing to deter travelers from visiting and having a great time.

Digital nomads have no problem feeling safe in their new home away from home.

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