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This Historic Tiny Town Near Los Cabos Is The Perfect Day Trip For A Cultural Experience

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Despite how it may seem, not all the fun on a Los Cabos trip has to involve the beach, incredible resorts or endless nights bar-hopping.

Southern Baja is phenomenal and offers more outside both sides of Los Cabos, with plenty of awesome places to explore within a 2-hour drive.

church in el triunfo mexico

Day trips have become more common, especially with trendy towns such as Todos Santos gaining national attention.

Yet, there are still gems to be discovered by Cabo vacationers. One in particular you have likely never heard of before, which you may find quite strange upon learning more about its historical significance.

The tiny town of El Triunfo has been revamped and welcomes tourists with open arms for an authentic cultural experience.

Deep Roots In Baja

colonial building in el triunfo mexico

It’s amazing how the world changes. Looking at the timeline of various societies around the world, the way our world is now looks quite different.

For instance, the pea-sized town of El Triunfo used to be the largest city in Baja California Sur and now doesn’t even enter the chat with Los Cabos and nearby La Paz overshadowing the region.

This former mining town has held its identity close to the vest yet modernized to cater to tourists for a sense of real Mexico away from the glitz and glamour of, let’s say, Los Cabos.

With less than one thousand current residents, these ‘villagers’ as they’re known provide a contagious spirit easing Cabo’ers into a whole new world.

aerial view of el triunfo mexico

Away from the stunning beaches of Baja, El Triunfo is nestled inland closer to La Paz and easy to access for fun-filled cultural experiences.

Day Trip From La Paz Or Los Cabos

Let’s not knock La Paz; this gorgeous seaside city has been trending upward for travelers too. As another destination able to maintain its unique authenticity, this seems to be a common theme on this side of Baja.

While Los Cabos is commonly among travelers’ favorite getaways in Mexico, few would argue it’s a top cultural destination with most travelers seeking lavish all-inclusive resorts over colonial architecture.

colorful la paz sign

That’s the beauty of travel, though, right? There is a place for everyone. Regardless of whether La Paz or Los Cabos is your mainstay, the town of El Triunfo makes for the perfect day trip either way.

Located less than an hour from La Paz and less than 2 hours from Cabo, the drive doesn’t take up too much of your day away from the beach.

Although, should you choose to stay overnight in this charming town, there are multiple options with rave reviews from guests.

Villa La Ramona and El Triunfo Cabañas Hotel Boutique hold high ratings with recent comments, such as “an incredible oasis in the desert” and “an excellent place to forget about everyday stress”.

highway in cabo

What To Do In El Triunfo

While Cabo can be a wild time, El Triunfo is about as opposite as it gets. This sleepy town often has an early bedtime, with restaurants closing at sunset, and you will definitely be out of range for Uber Eats.

“El Triunfo” translates to “the Triumph”, a nod to its former days reigning supreme as a silver mining hub.

Remnants of its past glory can still be found, but it’s mainly the newer installments attracting more visitors these days.

There are two main museums open to the public – the Museo de la Musica and the Museo de Plata.

cafe in el trunfo mexico

The latter being an insightful resource for an in-depth look at the town’s history while the former showcases the importance of music in the area.

While you won’t find El Triunfo on any foodie lists, there are a handful of tasty restaurants and bars in town offering local cuisine and cervezas, including the multi-level Caffe El Triunfo.

The unmissable landmarks of the vibrant La Romana church and the towering brick chimney dating back to the 1800s make for perfect photo ops.

Once you’ve seen all there is to see exploring the very walkable streets of El Triunfo, set your sights for the Santuario de los Cactus just outside of town for the most photo-worthy stop in the area.

cactus sanctuary near el triunfo

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