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This Popular Los Cabos Tourist Area Just Became The First Magical Neighborhood In BCS 

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In Mexico, there are two programs that have been launched over the years that highlight areas of great historical, cultural, or natural importance around the country.   

The Magic Town program was launched in 2001 and focuses on individual cities, and the Magical Neighborhood program, which was just launched in 2022, highlights specific neighborhoods within a city.   

A section of San Jose del Cabo is now part of the latter, as this popular Los Cabos tourist area just became the first Magical Neighborhood in BCS.   

Colorful Mural in the Historic City Center of San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

Magical Neighborhoods  

The Magical Neighborhood, or Barrios Magicos, program is similar to the Magic Towns, or Pueblo Magicos, program in that it highlights important regions of the country.   

The difference is that it focuses on one specific section, or neighborhood, of a city rather than on the entire city.   

Part of the program requirements is for the chosen neighborhood to work towards enhancing the tourist experience while visiting that neighborhood.   

Colorful Architecture in the Historic City Center of San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

San Jose Del Cabo 

San Jose del Cabo is one of the two cities that make up what is collectively known as Los Cabos, or The Capes.   

It’s located on the Sea of Cortez, about 20 miles to the northeast of Cabo San Lucas.   

Of the two cities, it is the one that reflects the character and the past of the region, offering tourists an opportunity to explore culture and history.   

Charming Street in San Jose del Cabo

A Brief History Of San Jose Del Cabo 

The history of the area now known as San Jose del Cabo dates back to the 1500s when it was used as a hideout for pirates.   

It wasn’t until 1730 that it was officially founded, though, as the Mission of San Jose del Cabo.   

In 1984, the airport was built, and its future as a tourist destination began to unfold.   

Historic Street in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

The Historic Center Of San Jose Del Cabo 

The historic city center of San Jose del Cabo is the area given the honor of becoming the first Magical Neighborhood in the state of Baja California Sur.   

Also known as the downtown area, this charming section of the city is filled with art galleries, authentic Mexican restaurants, cocktail-focused cantinas, and boutique shops lining cobblestone streets.   

It’s also where you’ll find Plaza Mijares, where various cultural events take place, and the original Mission San Jose del Cabo is located.   

Plaza Mijares in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

Events Designed To Enhance The Tourist Experience 

In the historic city center of San Jose del Cabo, cultural events are held throughout the year that are designed to enhance the tourist experience while visiting the city.   

Events include monthly concerts, documentary showings, presentations on history, and poetry readings, just to name a few.   

One of the most popular cultural events among tourists, though, is the Thursday evening Art Walk event, during which artists display their work throughout the plaza.   

Charming Street in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

What Makes San Jose Del Cabo Different From Cabo San Lucas? 

It would seem that two towns so close to each other would be quite similar, but in the case of San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.   

Cabo San Lucas is more of a vibrant party destination, whereas San Jose del Cabo is a more charming, laid-back destination.   

San Jose del Cabo is the perfect place to visit if you’re looking for a more relaxing, culture-enriched Los Cabos vacation.   

Shop in San Jose del Cabo with Art Hanging on the Walls

Getting To San Jose Del Cabo 

Getting to San Jose del Cabo is easy too, because the airport is located only a few miles from the city center.   

Even better, there are direct flights to Los Cabos International Airport from 29 U.S. airports. Check it out on Google Flights here.

So if you want to see what makes San Jose del Cabo the magical place that it is, you’ll have plenty of options for getting there.

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