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This Off The Beaten Path Town Near Los Cabos Is Perfect For Outdoors Lovers

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More than 80 years ago, La Paz pearl diver Salome Leon would venture about an hour southeast of the city to his secret place for finding some of the best pearls in Baja California Sur. He never told anyone his secret. However, the secret is now out.

Want to get back to the small fishing village that Los Cabos was before it became the prime Mexican beachside resort destination it is today? Then head on over to La Ventana.

Kitesurfer in the ocean

Dust in the Wind

While it was last officially recorded as having only 255 people in 2010, today the population of La Ventana is quite a bit more closer to 10,000 from late November until late March.

That’s the peak season when the wind blows consistently from around lunchtime until dinner and the kitesurfers and old school windsurfers invade the town.

What was a little patch of desert shrub near La Paz is now one of the prime windsurfing and kitesurfing destinations in all of Mexico. Tourists from all over Canada, the United States, and even as far away as Europe head to La Ventana during the peak wind season to enjoy their sport.

kitesurfer in the ocean

The windsurfers of long ago, many of which converted over to the more popular kitesurfing instead, love La Ventana because the old school vibe of the town better connects with their sport that lost out to kitesurfing somewhere around the turn of the century. That’s because the kites provide more strength and speed to create a more adventurous ride.

The islands and mountains around La Ventana essentially create a wind tunnel that propels warm Santa Ana winds down the channel and right over the community. That’s what makes La Ventana a prime destination for the sport.

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windsurfing in the ocean

It’s not unusual for windsurfers and kitesurfers to enjoy the ride of being caught in one of these uplifts and sailing into the air 25 feet or more over the water. It’s an experience like no other for lovers of the sport.

The Times Are Changing

But the times may be changing for this piece of traditional Baja. There are rumors about that the big city developers in Los Cabos having their eyes on making this the next resort destination in Mexico.

Los Cabos Hotel With Tourists Flocking the pool area

The kitesurfers fear that more of an influx of tourists will forever change the secret pearl diving spot that Salome Leon tried to keep off the map. They are concerned that the recent attention to the area with have the big resorts snapping up land by the time you finish reading this article.

It still remains a little slice of what was Baja California Sur despite the influx of visitors and the astronomical rise in homes and land that accompany the transition to a tourist destination.

Part of the recent run up in prices and rents are due to digital nomads.

kite surfers at the beach

The Digital Nomad Hotspot

For now, the modern digital nomad travelers are the only ones to update the perception of La Ventana to today.

Digital nomads have uncovered this piece of Baja where they can work in the freelance economy during the morning and still have plenty of time for windsurfing and kitesurfing in the afternoon. They then return back to work, typing away at their computers, after the wind dies down after sunset.

woman working by the beach

Despite the connection with the trendy digital nomads, it’s still a slice of rural, old school, Baja California. Homes in La Ventana are still connected to septic sewer systems and the power has been known to go out from time to time.

But if someone was still looking for what Baja California was before the explosion of growth in Los Cabos, this little patch of desert about a two-and-a-half hour drive from Los Cabos is definitely the place to be.

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