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Violence Breaks Out In Los Cabos Among Tourists

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It’s peak Spring Break season in Los Cabos, and college students from all over the country have turned Los Cabos into a jam-packed party zone.

Despite some minor issues with trash and traffic, the issues from the high travel season have been relatively minimal and more about Los Cabos not being able to accommodate the growth in visitors.

It all changed last weekend.

The Fight

Early in the morning on Saturday, March 18, a fight broke out among what is identified as four United States college students outside the Cabo Shots nightclub on Avenida Lazaro Cardenas in Cabo San Lucas.

Punches were thrown, vulgar words were used, students were kicked and beaten, and everything was recorded on social media. It is now making the rounds among students and news media outlets worldwide.

The fight was out on the street, directly in the view of bystanders who did not get involved to break up the fight. Another issue is the fact that it was just a few meters away from a security tower recently set up to keep tourists safe in Los Cabos.

Where Was The Security?

Recently, the Los Cabos Public Safety Department announced initiatives to install additional security cameras in the main tourist areas to keep visitors safe, such as the El Médano beach area. They also installed towers in the area to monitor areas for visitor safety.

In fact, the Los Cabos Public Safety Department even worked with the Médano Businessmen’s Association to integrate their 20 cameras into the network continuously monitored by the department.

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Police Officers Monitoring A Security System At A Station

The hope was that monitoring by one central location would help prevent these types of safety issues at the popular beach and lead to a faster police response when needed.

Now El Médano business owners, and people living in the general area, want to know what went wrong with the security and the quicker police response that was promised by the Los Cabos Public Safety Department.

They also want to know why none of the bystanders stepped in to stop the fight and where were the security officers employed by the Cabo Shots nightclub?

Municipal police in Mexico

One of the users sent out a message, along with the video, on Twitter asking about the lack of security in Los Cabos, which was promised to keep visitors safe during the peak spring travel season.

A Blow to Los Cabos

It’s just another hit to the reputation Los Cabos business and resort owners wanted to protect during this peak spring season.

Recent stories about the sales of controlled drugs sold through pharmacies in Los Cabos and clogged toll booths on the Peninsular Highway have also been a hit to the areas reputation.

This comes at a time when Los Cabos is trying to shift its Spring Break party town image to one associated with more cultural, golf, and luxury amenities.

The focus is to secure more affluent and family travelers that typically stay longer and spend more money than the traditional Spring Break traveler.

Recent efforts have been successful, with major news sources reporting that some of those rowdy Spring Break travelers have diverted to Puerto Peñasco, or Rocky Point, instead of Los Cabos this year.

Puerto Penasco/Rocky Point

The Investigation is Under Way

Exactly what happened and why it occurred is not known as of the time of publishing this story.

Local officials have not issued an official statement about the event, and it is assumed that a complete investigation is underway. A full briefing for the media and community is expected in the upcoming days.

In addition to a report about the incident itself, El Médano business owners want an in-depth review of the security plan for the area and a report about why there was no immediate response from the Los Cabos Public Safety Department as was guaranteed in the plans for the Spring Break season.

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