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This Is What The Average International Tourist Spends In Los Cabos

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Fictura, one of the most important entities that promotes and monitors tourism activity in Los Cabos held a survey to find out how much money tourists are actually spending on their Cabo trip. Results indicate that international tourists on average mentioned that they spent around $470 dollars a day on their Cabo trip. This price range includes the cost of lodging, meals, and other activities that travelers are involved in throughout their stay in the Mexican Pacific. 

Tourists In Cabo Resort Pool

National travelers on the other hand are able to make their Cabo trips much cheaper. Mexican nationals that travel to the Los Cabos area on average are said to be spending 335 dollars per day. Not only are tourists overall spending more money per day in Cabo they are also spending more days in the region. The average length of stay is now 6.7 days per traveler. In 2016 that number was only 5 days per stay per traveler. That particular stat may hit the full week of stay within the next few years if the trend continues. 

Mexican art market.

Breaking Down Lodging Costs Of What Tourists Spend In Los Cabos

There are several things that tend to be big spenders for tourists who decide to come to Los Cabos. The main three are plane tickets or other travel expenses, lodging options, and food and entertainment activities. Obviously the flight to the Mexican Pacific can potentially be a difference maker, however, calculating those costs is hard to do because people from all over the globe arrive in the region. Plus, flight costs were not contemplated in the average put forth by Fictura, what we can account for are lodging costs. 

Cabo Resort

According to leading hotel reservation company the average cost to stay at a 3 star hotel in the area is about 120 dollars a night. If you want to upgrade to a 4 star hotel that can cost around 280 dollars a night. For 5 star hotels and beyond finding something under 300 dollars a night would be a steal. There are some out there, particularly in the off season.  

Hotel Room In Los Cabos

Rental homes in the region can feature an equally diverse price range. If you want to stay in a non beachfront home you can find a lodging option for under 100 dollars a night. The beachfront Villas that are owned by multimillionaires and rented out as summer homes could cost north of 30 thousand dollars a night. These spots offer an all inclusive experience for up to 20 people, but the average cost per person still gets pretty steep. 

Los Cabos Villa

Realistic Food Costs For A Cabo Trip

Other types of sites that have estimated travel costs for international tourists heading to Los Cabos mention that you can have three meals a day for around 35 dollars. While that’s certainly an achievable budget it would mean having to live off of only street food for the duration of your stay.

mexican street food

Taking a seat at any medium tier restaurant in the region for lunch or dinner is potentially going to send you back no less than 50 dollars per couple. The higher scale the restaurant happens to be, the more expensive it can get. With this in mind, having three meals a day in Los Cabos is going to cost more like 100 dollars per day compared to the optimistic estimates of 35.

beachside restaurant

From there you can add costs of any type of entertainment activities that you want to experience in Los Cabos. Whether that be going to see a show, spending the night at a bar or renting a jet ski on the beach. When you add all of this up the tally does come real close to the 470 dollars per day that the survey carried out by Fictura estimated. There are always ways to lower costs though, particularly if you cut down on food costs by getting an all-inclusive deal at a Cabo resort.