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This Community Near Cabo San Lucas Offers Breathtaking Views With A Semi-Private Beach

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Los Cabos has been known as a high-end Mexican resort town for many years. The beauty of the place and amenities that tourists can access in the region has sparked unprecedented growth post-pandemic.

The increase in the number of travelers has led the charge for new hotels and real estate developments to pop up virtually everywhere throughout the region.

Homes On A Cliffside In Cabo Bello

That can be great news for the type of travelers that are looking for a high-end all-inclusive resort to relax. 

This development, though, can leave some Cabo regulars of old longing for the experience that they had in Cabo maybe only 10 or 15 years ago.

Pretty much a private vacation in a small Mexican town that featured both a beach and desert areas.

Cabo Bello is a neighborhood that provides that privacy that Cabo was traditionally known for while at the same time sticking to the quality standards of high-end home designs and amenities that travelers who visit Cabo have become accustomed to. 

large luxury villa that overlooks the beach

Vacation Rentals With A Private Beach At More Affordable Prices

The Cabo Bello community is a gated neighborhood located between El Medano Beach, and the Cabo del Sol golf course.

It’s an area that’s filled with cliffside homes, very much like the ones you could find in certain beach cities throughout Southern California.

The beach at Cabo Bello is much smaller and a bit rockier than El Medano.

The fact that these beaches are sort of guarded by cliffs makes them more private since they have “natural” protection.

You won’t have people descending from the cliffs to try and sneak onto the beach. 

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Travelers enjoying el medano beach in los cabos

Despite being in one of the most private areas in Los Cabos because of what was just described, prices for vacation homes in this area are usually not overly expensive. You can rent a two-room home for around 150 dollars a night.

There are also luxury villas available for a steeper price. Whichever property you decide to book, just be sure to check how far from the beach the home is.

Since the houses are typically built on cliffs, you have to walk down to the semi-private beach area. 

These cliffside homes are perfect for whale watching from afar because they give you a bird’s eye view of the Cabo bay.

Another advantage that this location provides is that since it’s located between two main Cabo tourist hot spots, it’s actually very close to the local Costco store.

You don’t have to drive far to stock up on food.   

Two Whales Swimming in Cabo near the shore and hills in the background.

Forgo Some Of The Restrictions That Are In Place At Other Beaches

As we’ve mentioned, the community has a semi-private beach, and that gives it a certain autonomy that you don’t get with public beaches or even private beaches at the resorts.

ATV tours, for example, are popular in the area. This is because you can explore the beachside cliff area, plus the Cabo desert, on the same tour.

Public beaches, on the contrary, are cutting back on ATV tours and horseback riding in an effort to limit the damage that these tours cause to the beach itself.  

Man on an ATV in the Desert in Cabo San Lucas

Yes, many of the activities, as far as tours go, are arguably events that you can access even if you’re not staying in the area.

As a “local” at Cabo Bello, though, you can go for a walk on the cliffside and enjoy the sunset over the ocean; a unique experience and view that you don’t necessarily get access to on different tours or even resorts.

Beach With A Cliff Overlooking It Similiar To One At Cabo Bello

Trade An All Inclusive Hotel For A Cabo Bello Vacation Home?

Most people may still feel like they can get better value out of an All-Inclusive resort in Los Cabos.

That may be true when you factor in the food and drinks that you’re going to have access to just by paying your nightly fee and some tips. 

Beautiful View of Los Cabos Beach and Resorts

That being said, larger families can certainly find vacation homes much more cost-effective. At the same time, this difference between vacation homes and all-inclusive resorts is not all about money.

The type of vacation that travelers can experience in a spot like Cabo Bello can be completely different from what they would be exposed to at an all-inclusive.

Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing is up to each traveler to decide.

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