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Tourist Dies In Los Cabos After Hit And Run

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A foreign tourist was killed this Sunday in Los Cabos after a hit-and-run incident that took place in front of a Home Depot store near Cabo San Lucas. The tourist, a woman named Marion, was presumably looking to cross over Federal Highway 1, also known as the Transpeninsular road.

Ambulance parked outside Mexican hospital

This is the high-speed road that connects Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. According to reports, she was going to stay with friends at Cabo Bello beach. That area is on the other side of the highway from the shopping center. 

Reports from local authorities indicate that the woman was hit by a vehicle that was coming down the highway at high speeds. The vehicle that hit the woman continued on its way. Currently, authorities say they don’t have too many leads to track down the perpetrators. The local red cross arrived at the scene of the accident but sadly couldn’t do much to help the woman, who was pronounced dead on the spot. In a cruel twist of fate, it was revealed that the woman was actually in Cabo to disperse the ashes of her recently deceased husband into the Cabo sea.

Mexican red cross workers relaxing while taking care of people at a concert

The Unfortunate Event Highlights An Issue In That Part of Cabo

We’ve mentioned that the unfortunate accident took place on Federal highway 1 near the Home Depot or the Fresko store within that same shopping center. Currently, there are multiple real estate developments in that area, and that has led to an increase in foot traffic in the region. Particularly from people that walk out of their homes in Cabo Bello or one of the other developments to head to the nearby stores. 

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The Home Depot Store Front

To complete the journey, though, tourists and locals have to cross four lanes of traffic in an area with no pedestrian bridges or even crosswalks in sight. What potentially makes things even worse is that since the two middle lanes are part of the aforementioned highway, the speed limit is 60 kilometers per hour (a bit under 40 mph). People coming down the highway, particularly at night, are coming in too fast. Pedestrians literally have to run past the highway to avoid collisions.

Road to San Jose del Cabo with a sign also pointing toward La Paz.

Solutions Are Proving Hard To Come By

The Cabo Bello gated community is literally right in front of The Home Depot store. Sadly, the tourist who was killed in the hit-and-run incident made the same choice that potentially a lot of Cabo Bello residents make. That is to walk from their homes across the highway to the stores to buy whatever it is that they need. Adding stop lights or a pedestrian bridge over the highway seems to be the two main options that local authorities have to make sure that these types of issues don’t happen again. 

cab in a mexican beach town with speed bumps

As things currently stand, though, it may be a good idea to make the trip via car instead of walking across the road. That, of course, presents another problem. In this particular instance, the foreign tourist that lost her life was not reportedly under the influence of alcohol or anything like that.

Local Backroad Traffic

However, within the area, residents of Cabo Bello may opt to go on beer runs to the nearby stores. Unfortunately, as things stand, the options for people who have already had a couple of drinks are not appealing or safe. Either they risk crossing on foot or taking the car out and putting even more people in danger. Ubers and cabs, for their part, are not necessarily on board to take such a short trip.

a taxi driver with a passenger in the back seat

A Situation That Could Take Place In Many Parts of Los Cabos

It’s not just the residents of Cabo Bello that could be in danger when crossing the highway. This same highway literally runs through Los Cabos. Many spots are similar to what we see in the area where this unfortunate accident took place. Where guests at a hotel or vacation home have to cross the highway to get to local convenience stores.

cars on the road in los cabos

There are just not a lot of crosswalks in sight at different points. When crossing this road, take into account that this is not just a regular street. It’s an actual highway that runs through the city. Cars are typically driving at faster speeds than they would in a fully urban area.

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