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Los Cabos Authorities Warn Tourists To Avoid Sun During These Peak Hours

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Since this week is expected to be one of the busiest of the year for tourism in Cabo, the state social security authorities have warned against excessive exposure to the sun.

There’s no question that many tourists who arrive at Cabo shores like to spend a considerable time sunbathing.

Man With A Burnt Bare Back On The Beach

Doing so excessively, and especially during peak sunlight hours, could bring forth plenty of unwanted consequences. 

Local authorities recommend that tourists refrain from directly exposing themselves to the sun, particularly from 10 am to 4 pm local time.

During these peak hours, the UV rays emitted by the sun are at their strongest point. Due to the intensity of the sun during these spring months in Cabo, prolonged exposure to the sun could cause all sorts of skin conditions. 

Woman Taking a Walk on a Beach in Los Cabos

What Type of Health Issues Can Be Caused By Excessive Exposure To The Sun 

The local coordinator of the social security hospitals in the region talked about the different health issues that could develop from prolonged exposure to the sun.

Obviously, skin cancer is perhaps the most concerning of the conditions that are known to be caused by spending too much time in direct sunlight.

However, issues like having your skin prematurely deteriorate can also be caused by too much sunlight. 

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Women Sunbathing On A Beach

Authorities warn tourists to be on the lookout for certain skin lesions that will clearly indicate they’ve spent too much time in the sun.

The appearance of white or brown spots on the skin after spending time in the sun is a clear sign that a person has been in the sunlight too long.

If any of these brown spots not only don’t clear up over time but actually change color and/or size, it’s a good idea to consult with a dermatologist.

Especially if that spot on the skin begins to bleed or hurt in any way. Other signs of excessive exposure to the sun can be rashes or any type of irritation present on the skin.    

Woman with a burnt back on a beach

Ways To Still Enjoy A Sunny Cabo Day Without Putting Yourself At Risk

Tourists are not necessarily being encouraged to stay indoors while on their Cabo vacation from 10 am to 4 pm.

Of course, most of the popular activities for travelers that come to Cabo take place outdoors and within that time frame.

What authorities are suggesting is that those travelers who are going outside wear the proper protection. This can include all sorts of hats, shirts, and even sunglasses.

Woman Applying Sunscreen On Her Own Shoulders

If they can have some type of shirt on during their stay in the sun, that’s generally preferred. Of course, tourists should not forget to put on sunscreen to be able to enjoy their day in the Cabo sun.

These precautionary measures are not only going to protect them from harmful UV rays. It can also be uncomfortable just to spend a large portion of their vacation sunburned.

Even if they are able to avoid some of the major health issues that can develop as a result of too much time in the sun. 

Tourist getting a drink at the bar

Sunbathing Outside The Peak Hours Can Have Its Benefits

For tourists who still want to work on their tan in Los Cabos, sunbathing outside the peak hours established by local authorities can certainly have its benefits.

For early risers, that 7 am or 8 am to 10 am time frame can get them plenty of sun without necessarily having to deal with overwhelming heat.

Typically, the temperature rises to its highest point of the day as we get closer to noon. Yet there’s usually enough sunlight in those early hours of the morning to work on a tan. 

Women Taking In The Sun On A Boat In Los Cabos

Sunbathing in the later hours of the day can also provide just enough sunlight to give travelers the perfect tan that they are looking for.

On some days, both in the morning and in the afternoon, Cabo is known for a light breeze that can cool the temperature down a bit.

The afternoon is also a perfect time to take in a beautiful Cabo sunset. If travelers are able to time it right, they can show off their Cabo tan without exposing themselves to harmful UV rays.

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