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These Are The Neighborhoods In Cabo Where Tourists Need To Be Careful

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Local authorities in Cabo released a list of the neighborhoods with the most crime reports in both Cabo San Lucas, and San Jose del Cabo for the month of August. Thankfully for tourists most of the neighborhoods on the list aren’t located within the main tourist corridor or hotel zone. However, a wrong turn or a late night grocery run could put travelers at risk if they are not careful. These are the neighborhoods that tourists are going to want to avoid when they visit Cabo. 

San Jose del Cabo Street

The Santa Rosa Neighborhood In San Jose del Cabo Features The Most Open Crime Cases In Cabo     

Since the beginning of the year the neighborhood known as Santa Rosa has found itself on the top spots of these monthly lists. Currently, there are 32 open cases for incidents that took place in the area just in the month of August. According to local authorities most of these incidents are reported as armed robberies, vehicle robberies, and overall assault crimes. While there are no main tourist attractions located within the neighborhood, the trouble is that the Transpeninsular highway, which is the main road that connects Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, passes right through this neighborhood.

Highway 1 between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo. The vehicles are primarily those of residents with a few tourist rentals.

Santa Rosa is about 3.8 miles from the San Jose del Cabo coastline. Most of the people coming to and from beachside resorts in San Jose del Cabo will inevitably pass through this neighborhood. The safest bet for travelers is to not stop for gas or get off the Transpeninsular highway until they are closer to the coastline. Of course this strategy isn’t necessarily 100% foolproof, but it’s generally a good idea to avoid stepping foot in the most dangerous neighborhood in any city that you travel to.       

San Jose Del Cabo Hotels

Los Cangrejos and Las Palmas Are The Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Cabo San Lucas

As far as Cabo San Lucas goes its two most dangerous neighborhoods are quite near each other. Travelers that are looking to make their way to Cabo San Lucas should be careful to avoid Las Palmas which is located right beside the airfield.

private jet on tarmac

The Los Cangrejos neighborhood currently has 23 open crime cases that local authorities are looking into. In Las Palmas 21 cases have been opened over the month of August. Again, most of these cases involve vehicle theft, and overall assault instances that have allegedly taken place in these areas.    

The good thing for tourists who are looking to vacation in Cabo San Lucas is that both of these neighborhoods are easier to avoid than the aforementioned Santa Rosa area in San Jose del Cabo. Los Cangrejos basically borders the large golf complex that features multiple courses such as Diamante Cabo San Lucas, and El Cardonal golf course.

Famous Sand Dunes in Cabo Golf Course

The complex is right next door to the Nobu Hotel and the Hard Rock. Guests of the resorts or tourists looking to play at any of these courses can take the exit right across from the Chevron gas station in the Degollado boulevard that will take them directly to the golfing complex and resort area without having to drive through Los Cangrejos.  

Tourists In Cabo Marina

The City Center Is The “Most Dangerous” Tourist Spot

The city center or downtown area in Cabo San Lucas near the marina is another one of the neighborhoods that appears on the list. 20 incidents reportedly took place in this part of Los Cabos. Most of the incidents were presumably theft related crimes that were perpetuated on tourists and locals. In these potentially congested parts of the city it’s recommended that tourists keep a close eye on their belongings, while holding bags, and other accessories close to their body. This is advised in an effort to avoid pickpocketing which makes up the majority of the reported cases in that particular part of Los Cabos.