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6 Important Los Cabos Airport Tips As It Prepares To Break Passenger Records 

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It’s no secret that Los Cabos is a hugely popular vacation destination, and one of the things that proves that is how many travelers arrive at Los Cabos Airport every year.   

Last year, that number was around 3.5 million and this year that record is expected to be broken, with more than 4 million visitors having flown into the destination by the end of the year.   

If you’ll be visiting soon, there are 6 important Los Cabos Airport tips to consider as it prepares to break passenger records.   

Exterior view of los cabos airport

Book Transportation In Advance  

One of the best ways to get your vacation started off on the right foot is by booking your transportation in advance.   

There are numerous private transportation service providers that you can book online, either one-way or roundtrip so that you can have your driver waiting at the airport upon your arrival.   

Booking in advance can also save you a considerable amount of money compared to just hailing a taxi once you arrive.   

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Avoid The “Shark Tank” 

After you retrieve your luggage and as you prepare to walk out of the airport to find your transportation to get to your hotel you’re going to walk through a section called the “shark tank.”   

This is an area filled with timeshare sales representatives who will do just about anything to get your attention.   

They will offer all sorts of goodies for “free” (if spending 3 hours or more of your vacation time in a boring sales meeting is your idea of free), and will even lie about being a transportation provider just to get you into their vehicle to go to a sales meeting.   

Just walk straight through and avoid contact if this is not how you want to begin your vacation.   

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Leave Behind Forbidden Items 

This may seem like an obvious one, but when traveling to a new international destination rules are sometimes different.   

As such, you may not always know which items are forbidden.   

For example, you can’t bring certain foods into Mexico, firearms or ammunition, some prescription and over-the-counter medications, or over a certain amount of cash, so it’s important to review the most up-to-date restrictions.   

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Arrive At The Airport Early 

The busier the airport is, the more important it is to arrive at the airport early because it will take longer to get through security.   

Under normal circumstances, the recommended time to arrive at Los Cabos Airport for international travel is three hours prior to departure time.   

As the airport grows more and more busy, though, you might want to consider arriving a bit earlier.  

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Consider Investing In Lounge Access 

Since you have to be at the airport early, you might as well settle in and make yourself comfortable.   

One way to do that is by investing in airport lounge access, and there are two lounges in Los Cabos Airport.   

Some credit cards actually include access to airport lounges, but if you don’t carry that type of card, you can buy access for around $50. 

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Save Time For Duty-Free Shopping 

If you plan on bringing home some souvenirs, you might want to save some time for duty-free shopping at the airport.   

Duty-free shops have some great items that you can get tax-free.   

Fragrances, chocolates, spirits, and more are up for grabs at these jam-packed stores. 

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Making Travel A Little Less Stressful 

Every traveler knows that there is always a certain level of stress that comes with traveling.   

But these tips can help make your Los Cabos travel a little less stressful.   

And everybody wants to start their vacation with as little stress as possible.

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