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Los Cabos Safety Improves For Tourists Based On New Report

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Just as the peak fall and winter holiday travel season gets underway in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur state law enforcement officials released the latest Baja California Sur Crime Traffic Light.

The crime report released this week showed an overall improvement in the number of crimes taking place in the beach resort vacation destination.

The Baja California Sur Crime Traffic Light

Aerial view of Los Cabos taken with a drone

The Baja California Sur Crime Traffic Light works similarly to a traditional traffic light at an intersection. For the crime report, red is high, yellow is a warning and the green light is a low number of criminal activities.

It tracks 11 different crimes in the area and reports out the results monthly to keep business owners, locals and of course travelers aware of the amount of criminal activity across the region.

Crime Down in Los Cabos

Tourists enjoying shopping at the harbor in Los Cabos

In the month of October, the overall incidence of crime fell in Los Cabos. The beach resort destination faced seven of the 11 crime statistics tracked at red light levels during the month of September. However, last month, only four were at the red-light level.

The four crimes resulting in red light results for Los Cabos were drug dealing, vehicle theft, injuries, and family violence. Two yellow lights were registered for home burglary and business burglary. All of the others were green.

Crime Increases in La Paz

View of Buildings, Boats, and the Sea of Cortex in La Paz, Mexico

While crime statistics improved for Los Cabos during the month of October, the numbers were not so positive for La Paz, the capital of the State of Baja California Sur.

Crime there increased during the month of October.

La Paz also registered four red lights during the month. They were for crimes related to drug dealing, vehicle theft, family violence and rape. It also had three yellow lights related to injuries, home burglary and business burglary.

Police Checking the Bags of Vendors on a Los Cabos Beach

In fact, the red-light numbers in La Paz were close to those in Los Cabos, which was a little worrying based on the difference in population and number of tourists.

Overall Improvement in the Region

When looking at the entire State of Baja California Sur, the level of criminal activity overall improved during the month of October. This actually was a trend that was recently recognized around the entire nation as well.

Police patroling the beach in Mexico

The region declined from six red lights to four red lights between September and October. The four red lights were similar to those seen in Los Cabos and La Paz – drug dealing, vehicle theft, injuries, and family violence.

The small town of Loreto was actually the safest community in Baja California Sur, with only two red lights.

What Travelers Need to Know

National Guard officers walking the beach in Mexico

The improvement in crime statistics in Los Cabos and the entire region was a good sign. It was not so upbeat for the numbers in La Paz.

The good news for travelers heading to the area for a holiday season vacation getaway was the numbers of crimes related to tourism were actually all low. All indicators of crimes that could directly impact tourists were green in Los Cabos.

Additionally, according to local reports the crimes reported by travelers to the area were low during the month of October. Those that were reported to local law enforcement officials were generally centered around petty theft of valuables.

Tourists enjoying a resort pool in Los Cabos

Often those crimes occur when travelers fail to use the in-room safes provided in the resorts and hotels in Los Cabos, along with leaving items unattended at a pool, on the beach or in a restaurant.

The resulting loss from those incidents were actually pretty low.

However, it is still advised that travelers to Los Cabos and La Paz should carry sufficient travel insurance to protect themselves in the event of a loss. The incidence of these petty crimes of opportunity does increase as the number of visitors increases during the peak fall and winter holiday travel season.

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