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Should Tourists Be Worried About Increasing Prices In Los Cabos? 

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According to recent data, Los Cabos Airport welcomed fewer tourists this summer compared to the same period in 2022. 

Many affirm that Los Cabos and Cancún welcomed fewer tourists due to the so-called ‘superpeso’, namely the slow decline of the dollar against the Mexican currency. 

Because of this, American tourists now have to spend more to get the same offers and packages. So, should tourists be concerned about the increasing prices in Los Cabos? 

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Sunny hot day at the sandy Playa Pública public beach at the resort town of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

You get what you pay for

As for everything in life, on a trip to Los Cabos, you get what you pay for. This destination is particularly known for its luxury, all-inclusive resorts, meaning that it rarely disappoints. 

Paying inflated prices also means access to state-of-the-art amenities, such as massive suites with ocean views, some of the best restaurants in the whole of Mexico, as well as extra services, including spas and fitness centers. 

In other words, even though tourists may at first be annoyed by the increased prices in the area, they can rest assured that their expectations will not only be met but exceeded. 

Sunny hot day at the Playa Pública public beach at the resort town of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

This municipality is constantly ranked among the top luxury destinations in the world, and its fame increases year after year. 

Not by chance, the Michelin Guide recently decided to send some of its food critiques to this location to see whether any of the restaurants present here deserve one or more of its famous stars. 

On top of this, several massive hotel and resort corporations, such as Hyatt and Four Seasons, have recently announced they will open new humongous properties in this municipality, confident of the fact that tourism will keep increasing. 

Los Cabos is still among the most popular destinations in Mexico

Boats at Igy Marinas in Los Cabos in a sunny day.

Despite the sudden drop in international tourists experienced by Los Cabos this summer, this destination keeps ranking among the most popular municipalities in the whole of Mexico.

The fact that people keep choosing Los Cabos despite the increase in prices is a clear sign that people visiting often don’t have budget restrictions.

Most tourists choosing this area do not mind spending those extra bucks as they are confident that it will pay off.

Cabo San Lucas resort

This tendency was recently confirmed by the fact that most tourists did not cancel their trip to Los Cabos despite Hurricane Norma approaching the coast of Baja California Sur.

This shows how tourists have complete trust in the resorts they booked, being fully confident that the staff would have been able to handle the situation. But this is not all. 

The fact that Hurricane Norma did not affect the flux of tourists shows how most of the people booking a trip to Los Cabos do so to enjoy a luxurious all-inclusive holiday, spending their day at the spa and trying delicious recipes by the most famous chef in the world, rather than common tourist activities such as sightseeing.   

Options that suit all pockets 

Luxury home with a pool area and palm trees

Despite being known as one of the most luxurious destinations in the world, Los Cabos still has accommodation options for all tourists. 

Those with budget restrictions can choose to book an Airbnb. With over 1,000 accommodations listed on its official website, Airbnb is the best option for those on a budget.

Alternatively, visitors can also consider the idea of booking a normal hotel rather than an all-inclusive so that they can save money on restaurants and other amenities. 


Visitors with a high but still limited budget can also make use of other deals, such as the popular one-day passes. 

These allow visitors to make use of all the facilities and amenities of a given resort for the duration of a day without having to spend the night there.

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Monday 30th of October 2023

We just spent a week in Cabo. The prices have certainly gone up. But the traffic has become a real mess. Don't rent a car, get a cab!


Wednesday 1st of November 2023

@Tommy, take the Chicken Bus.


Monday 30th of October 2023

I have noticed the extremely high cost that and greed that has taken ahold of Cabo. I mean, it's nice and all, but don't wander off from the beach too far cause it's like a third world country. I have a time share at Pueblo bonita and, I'm a bit burnt out on getting taken advantage of everytime I go.


Wednesday 1st of November 2023

@Jm, the further from the marina the cheaper it gets. We'll walk ten blocks or more.


Monday 30th of October 2023

Just returning from a vacation in Cabo. We almost canceled and went to Hawaii, but instead pushed our trip back by a day because of hurricane Norma. The article is correct: Great service, food and weather. Luxury accommodations. However, be prepared to get raked with the very high 16% sales tax. Plus 15% service tax, plus a few other taxes. Those taxes are on everything. Rooms, drink, food, souvenirs, etc. I don't mind the 15% on service items like food and drinks, because I tip more than 15%. The 16% sales tax seems quite excessive. Just wanted to let travelers know what to expect. If you get a $500/night room, you end up paying closer to $700/night or more


Sunday 29th of October 2023

I have been a part-time resident of Cabo since the days it was much smaller and only had timeshare resorts. What has happened in recent years, is some of the amount of honesty and integrity this area had. Greed has settled in big time. Sometimes you don't get what you pay for. Let's talk some of the on-line fish charters. I have been chartering boats for years down here. For the first time in years I had to put down a downpayment of 200 USD to a middle man on the booking site then when I got to the boat had to pay the Captain another 150.00 for a panga boat. This has never happened in the past and everyone is expecting more. Some if the tours on Viator say they are available when the tours are not. Yes, Cabo is a wonderful place..but times are you pay resorts fees and housekeeping fees; however, one never knows if the housekeepers even see any of the money. I used to leave the housekeeper a nice 30% tip in the room each day--no more. With the higher prices, extra fees--it all adds up. I pray that greed does not win over everything that made Cabo a special area. Cabo and San Jose do not need to turn into another Cancun area-congested, changing culture, traffic, and more petty crime.