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This Magical Town Near Los Cabos Is So Beautiful Even Hollywood Superstars Can’t Get Enough

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Los Cabos has been drawing in celebrities since before the destination earned its name as a traveler’s paradise.

Singers, actors, directors, and even presidents have enjoyed the year-round great weather and stunning Pacific backdrop.

This Magical Town Near Los Cabos Is So Beautiful Even Hollywood Superstars Can't Get Enough

With that being said, celebrities often stick to the popular main destinations of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, which isn’t surprising considering the half-century-long reputation Los Cabos has for catering to celebrities.

But if anywhere near Los Cabos was going to steal away a celebrity, it was always going to be Todos Santos—this time around drawing in Hollywood superstar and potentially Mexico’s most famous actor, Salma Hayek.

A Visit From Hollywood Royalty

Salma Hayek has been a favorite among movie fans the world over for decades, having played both dramatic and comedic roles over the years.

What’s more, it’s a huge endorsement for Todos Santos that Salma Hayek, a Mexican-born superstar who knows the whole country intimately, chose this destination over the many choices on offer.

In an era of tourism where Tulum, near Cancun, is dominating the headlines for its small-town charm, it’s long overdue that Todos Santos is recognized for its stunning beauty.

Perfect For Any Length Of Trip

After making the comparison between Tulum and Todos Santos, there’s a huge difference that really stands out, and that’s the convenience of visiting Todos Santos.

This magical town is just 1 hour from Los Cabos and conveniently sits just off one of the main highways in the state of Baja California Sur. Making Todos Santos a super-convenient day trip for any travelers staying in Los Cabos.

On top of this, Todos Santos is no stranger to luxurious hotels. While the mega-complex all-inclusives are missing from the town, in their place are some truly unique and stunning boutique hotels.

Whether just visiting for a few hours, a day, or a whole week, Todos Santos doesn’t disappoint its visitors.

Calm In The Desert

The landscape throughout Baja California Sur, the state home to both Los Cabos and Todos Santos, is filled with beautiful desert, rugged mountains, and stunning beaches that never seem to end.

At Todos Santos, all 3 of these eye-catching gifts of nature come together to create a beautiful vacation backdrop.

But what makes these fantastic surroundings even better is the peace and tranquility travelers get to enjoy.

The beaches at Todos Santos don’t suffer from overcrowding, and this carries on throughout the town. While it can be busier around late morning to early afternoon, when the tour buses pass through, mornings and evenings are reserved for travelers calling the town home for their whole vacation.

A Welcome Like No Other

Los Cabos has retained its reputation as being welcoming and providing great service in spite of decades of tourism bringing tens of millions of visitors.

That’s an impressive achievement because it’s not uncommon for a destination to suffer from “tourism fatigue” after a while, which can cause some friction and negativity between locals and travelers.

In that respect, Todos Santos is another step up from Los Cabos. The town has always welcomed a small number of visitors, and throughout that time, it has gained an even stronger reputation for putting on a great welcome.

Add to that the famous small-town openness of Mexican culture, and you get a destination that makes every visitor feel at home and at ease, with truly personal and friendly service.

Safety & Convenience

Safety can be a big concern for any traveler visiting a foreign destination, especially on a first trip to somewhere new. It can be an anxious decision to make that leap.

Los Cabos overall has a fantastic reputation for traveler safety; in fact, the destination is even safer than many cities in the United States.

In that respect, Todos Santos is an even more perfect choice for a safe and carefree vacation. This small town is a truly peaceful corner of the world.

Additionally, travelers shouldn’t be put off the distance from the airport. Visitors can get here in just 1 hour, which isn’t as long as it first appears, considering the journey from the airport to Cabo San Lucas can take 45 minutes, and sometimes in bad traffic, longer than 1 hour.

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