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Los Cabos Officials Take Immediate Action To Repair This Important Tourist Roadway

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It’s the main roadway for locals and tourists in Los Cabos, and unfortunately, it’s in bad condition.

The constant pounding of vehicles compounded with some strong recent tropical weather systems has led to a rapid deterioration of the Transpeninsular Highway.

The resulting potholes in the road are increasingly becoming safety hazards as a number of accidents have occurred because of the poor state of the important regional roadway.


The Municipal Government Steps In

Technically, because it is designated a highway, the Transpeninsular Highway that connects the towns of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo to the Los Cabos International Airport is a federal road.

However, because of the severe condition of the roadway and the potential impact on locals and tourists, the municipal government is stepping in to make some necessary band-aid repairs to help prevent accidents on the roadway.

Reparing a road in a Mexican beach city

In the last two months, the mayor of Los Cabos, Óscar Leggs Castro, has deployed his public works department to start working on patching some of the worst potholes on the Transpenisular Highway.

Even the mayor complained about some of the poor personal experiences he has had while traveling on the key road artery through the region.

It has been successful in the center areas of the Los Cabos region and has recently started in parts of Cabo San Lucas proper.

Downtown Los Cabos

The mission will be to make repairs to the parts of the road that are causing the most safety issues and those receiving the most complaints from drivers.

That could include repaving sections of the road that are highly deteriorated from use and strong tropical weather systems, along with filling any large and dangerous potholes.

Impact to Travelers

A fork in the road on the Transpeninsular Highway

Other than the Los Cabos Toll Road, the Transpeninsular Highway is the main roadway for tourists to the beach resort destination to travel between the Los Cabos tourist zone and the Los Cabos International Airport.

It is also the key road to many of the day trip locations from Los Cabos, such as the capital of Baja California Sur, La Paz.

The condition of the road has increased the number of accidents on the roadway, several of which have impacted tourists to Los Cabos.

Traffic accident with ambulance

It also has increased the amount of time needed for travelers to Los Cabos to journey between the tourist zone and the airport.

However, the most significant impact for visitors to Los Cabos is the effect that the roadway has on the first impression most tourists have when visiting the beach resort destination.

It’s definitely not the impression that the Los Cabos Tourist Trust would prefer for an emerging luxury destination.

Scenic view of the Los Cabos arch from a hotel balcony

The lack of repairs related to the increased amount of roadway traffic and the impact of several strong tropical storms forced the hand of the municipal public works to step in and make key safety repairs that were lacking from the federal government on its roadway.

Tips For Tourists

Tourists should initially be prepared for a rough ride when arriving in Los Cabos and taking transportation to the tourist zone.

Road Leading to San Jose del Cabo with Cars on the Road and Hills in the Background

The roadway is rough in places and, unfortunately, does not leave visitors to the beach resort destination with a great first impression of the area.

Going forward, travelers should anticipate more road delays and additional time needed for traveling around Los Cabos or taking transportation to and from the airport due to repair construction delays over the peak fall and winter travel season.

Ultimately, the delays and inconvenience will impact travelers to Los Cabos and affect their overall impression of a vacation getaway to the area.

However, in the longer term, the investment the municipality is making in the roadway that desperately needs repairs from the federal government owners will make a better experience for all in the future.

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Sunday 5th of November 2023

I think what leaves a worse impression is the idea that a tourist wanting to see ocean and beach cannot see it because of all the building of resorts……