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Report Reveals Los Cabos Is Among Safest Destinations In Mexico

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In a recent interview, the Deputy Attorney that has Los Cabos under his jurisdiction talked about the safety situation in the popular tourist destination.

According to him and the data provided by INEGI, Mexico’s data collection institute, Cabo is the 4th safest city in the country. The ranking lists 75 different Mexican cities. 

Restaurant On A Colorful Beach In San Jose del Cabo

This makes the Cabo region essentially the 4th safest Mexican metropolitan area. Also, it ranks the highest out of all of the popular tourist destinations on the list.

This includes cities like Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, and Mazatlan. As well as Mexico City’s different neighborhoods.  

Daytime street scene of San José del Cabo’s historic city center.

People On The Street Feel A Sense Of Safety In Cabo 

The ranking in question is one that’s been discussed by us before. It’s a survey conducted by INEGI on locals within 75 different Mexican cities.

Among these 75 cities are multiple popular tourist spots like the ones we’ve previously named. The survey includes questions like, “Have you been witness to a violent crime in the last months?”

These types of questions not only allow authorities to monitor the number of times locals find themselves in the middle of violent acts, but the data is also meant to influence the way police patrol certain areas within these cities.  

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People Walking In The Cabo San Lucas Marina

Usually, the lack of these violent acts within a city, as is the case in Los Cabos, naturally allows people to feel safer in a particular town.

What the Deputy Attorney did address in his interview is the fact that this sense of safety and calm in Cabo was not necessarily the norm a few years back.

Municipal police in Mexico

Saying that, over the last 5 years, Cabo has thankfully been able to avoid major violent episodes. The Deputy Attorney mentioned

“Fortunately, at the moment, we are not fighting catastrophic events like we had from 2014 to 2018; currently our impact crimes are robberies with violence at convenience stores and home burglaries. However, we have continued working to achieve a decrease in these crimes.”

Police officers detaining People at private party

Cabo residents actually report feeling safer in 2023 than they did in 2022.

While there are still areas of opportunity to make the city safer, as mentioned by local authorities, it seems clear that the efforts that have been put in so far have helped people feel safe in Los Cabos.  

People walking in the Los Cabos marina

What Makes Cabo Safer Than Other Mexican Beach Cities?

One of the reasons that Cabo has been able to remain safe despite violent issues to the north of the state has to do with coordinated efforts from different authorities.

Tourists that arrive in Cabo are as likely to find local police patrolling the streets or even beaches as they are to see Mexican marines on patrol.

Other destinations, such as Cancun, have also increased the number of military personnel to be able to patrol streets.

Mexican Marines Patrolling The Beach Alongside A Man Selling Popsicles

The success of Cabo, according to local authorities, can also be traced back to locals who’ve gotten involved in safety dynamics and dialogue tables set up by police.

These have served to help the authorities truly understand the challenges that locals were going through in regard to their safety.

This information has allowed them to craft a better security strategy.

people in an open San Jose del Cabo art market

The type of tourism that Cabo gets can also help explain why it’s able to remain safer than many other Mexican beach destinations.

The hotels’ association in Cabo recently mentioned that they were not interested in lowering the per-night rates in Cabo hotels.

This was done in an effort to lure in “quality tourism”. Although the term may seem a bit derogatory, the high rates in Cabo limit the crowds, particularly during the spring break season.

That vibrant party scene at other Mexican destinations, unfortunately, tends to increase the presence of illegal substances. This, in turn, leads to more violence due to disputes over selling points.

Cabo’s more upscale atmosphere has allowed it to remain a safe and calm destination – as the Deputy Attorney described it.

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