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Los Cabos Feels Safer Than Anywhere Else In Mexico According To New Report

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The newest rankings of the poll on “perception of security” that Mexico’s federal Institute for data collection (INEGI) puts out multiple times a year are out.

Los Cabos is ranked as the Mexican tourist destination where both tourists and locals feel the safest.

Modern view of the Los Cabos arch with low tides near the arch

This is a ranking that is crafted through questionnaires that are sent to people in virtually all of the cities throughout Mexico. 

We’ve explained the methodology behind this ranking in previous articles. For the most part, the questionnaire asks locals and tourists if they have witnessed violent acts like shootings, robberies, or any form of violence in the last few months.

Also, it asks them to rank how safe they feel in the city that they live in. In this case, the lower score, the better.

Los Cabos ranked as the safest city amongst relevant Mexican cities with 22.7 points in the ranking. 

View Of The Los Cabos Marina Filled With People

These points don’t indicate that 22% of those people polled in Los Cabos have been direct witnesses to violent acts over the last couple of months.

As previously stated, the points are awarded depending on the different answers that people give to a variety of questions.

Not just the direct question of how safe do you feel at a destination from 1 to 10. 

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Shop in San Jose del Cabo with Art Hanging on the Walls

Los Cabos Is Ranked As Much Safer Destination Than Other Very Popular Tourism Spots

Los Cabos has been hovering in the top spots in the rankings for at least the last few years. That’s certainly great news for the tourists that come to Cabo.

What may be even more eye-opening though is just how much greater the perception of safety is in Cabo compared to what people experience in other popular destinations. 

Police Patrolling Cabo Beach

La Paz, which is the second most popular tourist destination in the state of Baja California Sur, only behind Los Cabos, features a safety perception rating of 33.

This is still a very good rating. In fact, La Paz and Cabo have flipped spots in the rankings at times from update to update.

Both destinations, though, have remained well within the low 30s and 20s in the rating. 

La paz's stunning main cathedral at night

Cancun is, without a doubt, the most concerning case for travelers. Particularly because it’s far and away the most visited tourist destination in all of Mexico.

It features a safety perception rating of 83 points.

From this rating, it can be inferred that a wide majority of those polled have been witnesses to some type of violent act or altercation in Cancun within the last few months.

Cancun Beaches Along the Coast in the Hotel Zone

On the other hand, Puerto Vallarta, which is usually competing with Los Cabos for the second spot in tourist preference, managed a very respectable rating of 26.5.

This particular destination has been moving up the rankings over the last few months. Last summer, it featured a rather concerning rate.

It’s important to point out that the Los Cabos rating encapsulates both San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas.

Why Cabo Is Likely To Remain A Safe Destination

Many spots like Cancun and the aforementioned Puerto Vallarta have developed into rather large Mexican metropolises after starting out as simple beach towns.

The migration towards these now larger cities is certainly one of the instigators of the crime wave that some of these spots are facing.

Of course, there are other factors that impact the current situation in these and other parts of Mexico. 

People walking in the Los Cabos marina

It could be argued that Cabo is currently going through that same shift from a small beach town to a much larger city.

A massive migration to Cabo may not be as likely, though, due to its geographical isolation and high cost of living.

This may lead to a more contained migration to Cabo from other parts of Mexico. As job opportunities continue to open up in the region.

This can help Cabo avoid an uncontrolled uptick in population which typically leads to higher crime rates.

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