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Purse Snatching On Restaurant Patio In Cabo Caught On Video

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There is a video circulating around social media involving a purse snatching incident at a local restaurant. The incident took place on April 30th in San Jose del Cabo; however, the video didn’t start to circulate on social media until this past Tuesday.

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This particular video has been circulating specifically on social networks and Whatsapp groups of public security. These videos can be shared to help collect information for authorities and members of the community.

On the evening of Saturday, April 30th, security cameras at a local restaurant show two young women dining on an outdoor patio.

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During the video, you can clearly see the suspect quickly approach the table, snatch one of the victim’s purses that was by her legs, and runoff in an unknown direction.

It is believed that the thief possibly ran off into a nearby forest in the colony area. It is unclear if any of the victims or witnesses attempted to find the suspect. At the end of the video, you can see presumably workers enter the area of the video, because of the incident.

This took place at a restaurant in San Jose del Cabo, in the Monte Real colony. Thanks to the working video surveillance at the local business, there is a much better chance of the subject being arrested. The subject was wearing a brown shirt, dark pants, and a red cap. Despite the video circulating, it is unclear if the victim has gone to authorities about the incident.

In response to this incident, officials are noting they call on citizens to be aware of their surroundings when they’re out in public. Also, if an incident like this does happen, be sure to alert the authorities as quickly as possible. 

Calling authorities quickly is important for a couple of reasons. There is a much higher chance of catching the subject shortly after the incident, and most criminals are serial offenders, so there is a high chance the subject has committed more crimes.

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Negative effect on tourism

Los Cabos has had an impressive start to 2022. Coming out of the pandemic, the area has had the best four months in history regarding the number of visitors. While Los Cabos continues to expand as a tourist destination, it’s important for the area to avoid any potential pitfalls that could damage its reputation. 

Crime is one of the biggest threats to the health of a tourist location. Perhaps no other factor can determine a traveler’s decision to return to an area than whether they feel safe.

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Los Cabos officials are well aware of the safety factor; that’s why they take all crimes seriously. Overall, Los Cabos has become a safe tourist destination. Local businesses, authorities, and the city government have worked hard to ensure that visitors feel comfortable visiting the area.

How to reduce the risk of theft at public venues

While Los Cabos has become a safer area than it was 10 years ago, theft can still be an issue just like any other tourist location. When you are out eating at a restaurant, particularly on an outdoor patio, it is always best to keep your belongings directly between your feet tucked well underneath the table and out of sight.

This practice will make it harder for potential thieves to steal your belongings. One place you shouldn’t put your purse is on the table, as it’s too easy to access for other subjects. If dining with more than one person, always make sure someone is at the table to watch your valuables.

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