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Proposal Made To Remove Toll Fee For Busy Los Cabos Highway

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The road that connects “both cabos”, Cabo San Lucas, and San Jose del Cabo features a hefty toll fee that some people have to pay on a daily basis. The Los Cabos region isn’t necessarily well connected due to the natural challenges that come with being on a bit of an isolated peninsula. With this in mind Los Cabos mayor Oscar Leggs mentioned that he’s ready to send a petition to the President and to the national senate to effectively remove the toll fee from the vital road. 

Toll Booth On Road

The mayor mentioned that the governor of the state of Baja California Sur is on board with his proposal, and they both hope things can get worked out. However, getting the toll fee removed may not be as easy as it may seem from the outside looking in.       

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How Much Do You Currently Have To Pay To Go From Cabo San Lucas to San Jose del Cabo? 

At the beginning of the year the fee that drivers have to pay to get from either of the two Cabos to the other actually increased. As things stand drivers on regular vehicles have to pay 160 pesos (almost 8 USD at the current exchange rate) to cross the toll booth. Motorcycles are only asked to pay half of that fee, while the price for cargo trucks starts at 319, and can go up to over 500 pesos (around  15 to 24.50 USD) depending on the size of the truck. 


One of the reasons why the mayor wants to remove the toll fee is that it could potentially help reduce the cost of goods in the Cabo region even if ever so slightly. The fact that virtually all sorts of goods have to be shipped to the region from other parts of the country is the main reason why Los Cabos is one of the most expensive cities in Mexico

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The Mayor of Los Cabos Highlighted The City Main Traffic Issues         

Along with his proposal to remove the toll fee from the road that effectively connects the city, Mayor Leggs also highlighted the main spots where he feels traffic issues have concentrated over the past few years. The Fonatur traffic circle and the main city entrance to Cabo San Lucas are the spots that his government is keen to focus on. He mentioned that two projects to improve roads in the region had been approved, and that work would begin shortly. 

Local Backroad Traffic

He also recognized that the city is trapped in what he called a “traffic crisis”. People who are trying to get to the main residential areas in Cabo San Lucas have to deal with traffic on a daily basis. That’s why his administration is contemplating building alternative roads in Cabo San Lucas specifically. This would be done in an effort to alleviate the traffic issues currently present in the city’s main avenues. 

Removing The Toll Fee May Be More Complicated Than Expected 

Mayor Oscar Leggs is going to President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, and the national senate with this matter because the road in question is a federal highway. The toll that is charged to transit on federal roads all over Mexico is meant to go to the upkeep of that particular highway. In this case essentially the request is to have the road turned over to the state government. The mayor has emphasized that his administration is actively working with private companies to be able to complete the different upgrades to local roads. 

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He essentially hinted that if the road between both Cabos was turned over by the federal government he’d get help from the private sector to provide the highway with some much needed upgrades. These toll roads though are also a large source of income for the federal government. For that reason, getting them to turn the road over to a state government may not be so easy.