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Popular Los Cabos Beaches Reopen, But Tourists’ Safety Is Still At Risk

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The past several weeks have been a serious headache for travelers hoping to cool off in the ocean surrounding Los Cabos.

First, the destination was battered by huge swells and unpredictable currents, a situation created by the approach of a tropical storm that thankfully didn’t keep Los Cabos in its sights.

But this past week, even after the tropical storm passed, the coastal conditions remained unsafe. Los Cabos saw a phenomenon in which continuous and tall waves battered the coastline.

But, travelers will be happy to learn that the beach vacation-busting red flags have been removed, and now right across the destination, the more welcoming yellow flags are in place.

With that being said, not all is smooth sailing for swimming at Los Cabos beaches, and this is why:

Popular Los Cabos Beaches Reopen, But Tourists' Safety Is Still At Risk

Conditions Are Better But Not Perfect

The red flags are gone, which is only good news, but the yellow flags that replaced them on the beaches still come with a strong warning about conditions.

What each flag means:

  • Green – Safe conditions
  • Yellow – Exercise caution while swimming
  • Red – Dangerous conditions, avoid swimming
  • Black – Swimming is forbidden, high level of danger

As travelers can see, a yellow flag isn’t a thumbs-up to swim. For travelers that are strong swimmers, the possibility of swimming exists, although with much more caution.

Why Los Cabos Beaches Are Always In The News

Anyone who has been following the reporting here at the Cabo Sun for some time will have noticed how regularly the beaches in this beautiful destination make the headlines.

The actual beaches themselves are beautiful, without a doubt, but the diverse underwater landscape here means that many of these beautiful beaches aren’t safe for swimming.

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On top of that, the ones that are safe for swimming aren’t always so. Even when the sun is shining in Los Cabos, conditions far out in the ocean can render the water around this destination un-swimmable.

While not ideal, this is an unfortunate reality of a vacation in Los Cabos. Thankfully for travelers, most resorts here have outstanding swimming pools, so the option to cool off in the water, even on a red-flag day, isn’t off the table.

Where Can Travelers Swim

The answer to “Where can travelers swim” isn’t as simple as checking the flags. Some of Los Cabos beaches are not recommended for swimming year-round, while others provide near-ideal conditions for a leisurely dip.

Beaches To Avoid For Swimmers

  • Playa Solmar – No swimming or wading in at the water’s edge
  • Pedegral – No swimming or wading in at the water’s edge
  • Divorce Beach – No swimming or wading in at the water’s edge
  • Playa Monumentos – No swimming, but surfing allowed
  • El Tule Beach – No swimming, but surfing allowed
  • Playa Costa Azul – Swimming not advised
  • Playa Hotelera – No swimming
  • Estuary Beach – No swimming

As travelers can see, the list of dangerous beaches isn’t a short one, but not all is lost. Thankfully, some of the most beautiful and picturesque beaches in all of Los Cabos are perfectly safe for swimming.

Beaches Perfect For Swimming

  • Lover’s Beach – Safe for swimming
  • Medano Beach – The safest beach in all of Los Cabos
  • Cannery Beach – Safe for swimming
  • Playa Cabeza De Ballena – Safe for swimming
  • Playa Barco Verado – Safe for swimming
  • Playa Las Viudas – Safe for swimming
  • Santa Maria Beach – Safe for swimming
  • Chileno Beach – Rated as safe as Medano Beach
  • Tequila Cove – Safe for swimming
  • Punta Palmilla – Safe for swimming
  • La Playita and El Ganza Beach Club – Safe for swimming

With so many fantastic beaches, travelers needn’t worry about missing out on that refreshing dip in the clear blue waters of Los Cabos.

But always remember, conditions can be quick to change in Los Cabos, and good weather doesn’t equal safe conditions. Always respect the beach flags, and even on the safer beaches in Los Cabos, never leave children or weaker swimmers unattended in the water.

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