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Over 30,000 Students Heading To Los Cabos For Spring Break – Here’s What Travelers Should Know

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According to data from Mexico’s Tourism Secretary, 270-thousand students are set to visit Mexico during the spring break season, which will take place from May 4th through the first two weeks of April. Out of those 270-thousand students, around 32 to 35 thousand will be headed to Cabo shores. While that number will represent a 35% increase when compared to the number of spring breakers that came to Cabo in 2021, local authorities have made it clear they are not looking to make things cheaper to lure students to Cabo.

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How Much Travelers Can Expect To Pay For A Cabo Spring Vacation

Robin Hernandez, the president of one of the strongest business unions in Cabo, mentioned that local businesses are focusing on bringing in “quality tourists,” not a higher quantity of people. In short, travelers should not expect too many discounts to head to Cabo for Spring Break. In fact, Hernandez speculated how much each traveler will potentially spend per day while in Los Cabos. 

San Jose del Cabo Art Gallery with Tourists Walking Around.

According to him, tourists coming to Los Cabos can expect to spend around 200 to 400 dollars a day on their Cabo vacation. Hernandez would go on to say that the way they’ll keep Cabo exclusive is by keeping hotel prices up during this time of year. Currently, the average per night rate at Cabo hotels is over 450 dollars. 

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The Busiest & Perhaps Most Expensive Days Of The Spring Season

While the entire spring break season is expected to last virtually a month and a half, there are certain peak dates that travelers may want to be aware of. On these peak dates, hotel prices can skyrocket, and Cabo beaches are going to be more crowded than usual. The University of Southern California is going to hold its “Spring Recess” from March 13th to the 17th. That may actually not be as crowded of a time despite the fact that this university is the largest college in California — the U.S. state that sends the most travelers to Cabo each year.

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Crowds of actual students in Cabo could increase dramatically in the last week of March and the first week of April. The last week of March is the date that UCLA, Cal Berkley, and all of the University of California campuses will be holding their “Spring Recess.” The first week of April meanwhile is known as Holy Week in the Christian calendar ending on Easter Sunday. This is the week that most Mexican schools get off. The combination of foreign and local tourists during these two weeks is set to increase the price of a Cabo vacation considerably.

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The 2022 Spring Season Ended With 3 Casualties

Local businesses are reportedly already holding meetings with authorities to come up with a security strategy for the Spring season. There’s clearly going to be a heavy emphasis on the situations that led to the 3 casualties that took place in 2022. The three tragic instances from last season involved “freak accidents”. However, there is a sense that they could’ve all been avoided. An Arizona state student sadly passed away after a 20-foot fall at one of the RIU hotels in Los Cabos. Authorities are going to seek to ensure that all of the dangerous spots within hotels are at least properly pointed out to tourists. 

RIU hotel entrance Cabo San Lucas

The other two tragic incidents involved a drowning and alcohol poisoning. Tourists heading to the region in 2023 would do well to be careful with what they’re consuming. Particularly since all-Inclusive deals at Cabo hotels have become more popular over the last few years.

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As far as swimming in Cabo beaches, there are certain spots that are known to attract surfers and spring breakers. The presence of an increased number of lifeguards on popular Cabo beaches will not guarantee a 0% mortality rate for swimmers. Tourists should be aware that not all of the Cabo beaches feature low tides and overall calm seas.

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