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Why Los Cabos Is Perfect For This Emerging Travel Trend

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It seems like there is a whole bunch of new terms dedicated to living in the post-COVID-19 world. You may have heard of terms such as digital nomad, quiet quitting, and others. But have you ever heard of a hush trip? It’s the new way to telecommute using popular technology while you lounge in the pool somewhere, maybe even in Los Cabos.

What is a Hush Trip?

Remote Worker in Pool

Hush trips are a new travel trend for workers that enjoy a fully remote work setup. For many workers, leaving the country is not allowed for remote positions. Not only does it open the employer to a number of technology security issues, it can also create some tax jurisdiction issues with employees working in a different country.

Travelers who want to either try out the digital nomad lifestyle or just want the opportunity to enjoy working remotely from exotic international locations have instead decided to take hush trips. Simply put, it’s when a worker works remotely from some other location without informing their boss of the new location.

Tourists doing yoga on beach

With remote cameras and even simulated backgrounds, it’s easy to enjoy the beach while on the camera, it appears you are “in the office”.

According to a recent study on hush trips, the recreational vehicle rental firm RV Share and Wakefield Research has found that out of the 1,000 American workers they polled, thirty-six percent of Gen Xers and millennials already have a hush trip in the works. It also showed 56 percent of workers are strongly considering one.

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People At A Music Festival Being Held In A Sandy Beach

Why Los Cabos is Perfect For Hush Trips

Los Cabos may be a perfect getaway for a hush trip. It’s not too far from the United States border, there are plenty of flights from key cities on the west coast, and the time zone shift is easy for most people.

From a technology perspective, the hotels in Los Cabos have great high-speed internet access, and (if you’re American) your phone probably already works on your existing phone plan. Even the hotel rooms have comfortable work setups, including desks, plenty of outlets, and an office-style chair.

man drinking coffee while working on laptop

Add in the facts that the weather is warm enough to wear just about anything you like for a Zoom meeting, and there’s great Mexican food and culture to enjoy, and it’s easy to envision a Los Cabos hush trip adventure.

Beware! Your Employer May Be Tracking You!

One caveat to a hush trip is making sure that you can do so without sharing your location.

Companies are starting to enforce return-to-office rules in workplaces and have shifted many workers to hybrid working arrangements instead of fully remote.

To comply with these requirements, technology professionals have been deploying a number of tracking methods on company-issued laptops and cell phones to comply with these new rules.

people working in a call center

What many people don’t know is that their work-issued laptop or cell phone may constantly be sharing their precise location with the company. The computer or phone can track your location and report back regularly when it seems you are not in the correct place or maybe even outside the country. Often, this function is controlled by the company and blocked by the administrator not to allow you to turn it off.

woman working on a laptop outside

If they are not tracking you by the location feature on your company-issued laptop, they could be monitoring the IP address of how you are accessing the internet. The IP address provides precise location information to the company about what provider you are using to access the internet and the location you are accessing it from.

This is not something you can generally control because it comes from the internet provider. The way around this for hush trip visitors is to use a virtual private network (VPN) provider to hide your location and actual IP address. However, you may not be able to install these programs on your work-issued laptop.

passport held in hand

While hush trips may be a new emerging travel trend that will surely be coming to Los Cabos, beware in advance of the technology designed to track your next digital nomad adventure.

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