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New Study Reveals Los Cabos Tourists’ Favorite Way To Get Around The Destination

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Los Cabos is easily becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet, with tourism rates skyrocketing throughout this past year. 

With high hotel occupancy rates and high prices, the Baja California Sur trending destination has become more crowded than ever. 

Although there are numerous forms of transportation travelers can look into, the crowds have made navigating Los Cabos more expensive. 

San José del Cabo, Baja California SurMexico - January 25, 2020 Daytime street scene of the colorful storefronts of San José del Cabo

Travelers in recent years complained about the transportation options available, taking issue with the fact that there isn’t much public transport available and there are constant issues with traffic on the roads. 

However, there does seem to be one mode of transportation that tourists love. 

A recent study found that tourists seem to prefer this one particular mode of transportation rather than by boat, hotel transport, or local taxi hire. 

uber taxi

Uber in Los Cabos 

While Uber still isn’t available in various high-profile cities around the world (it only became available in London a few years ago), it is amazingly available in Los Cabos. 

Because it’s just a few clicks on an app, Uber is easy, accessible, and fairly inexpensive in the Baja California Sur vacation hotspot. 

Unsurprisingly, tourists seem to favor the app in comparison to other transportation options in Los Cabos. 

Taxis Near Bus Station

In a recent interview, Mauricio Salycrup (the president of the Council of the Los Cabos Hotel Association) made a statement saying that according to their data, Los Cabos tourists use Uber more than any other company in terms of mode of transportation. 

Specifically, Salycrup commented that “28% of tourists use Uber, 26% use a local taxi service and only 6% use a DMC or tourist transport company.”

With Uber, you can reserve rides in advance, so you don’t have to worry about getting to and from the airport when landing in Los Cabos or leaving to fly home. 

Uber car in traffic

Uber also has a website where you can check what cities it’s specifically available in in Los Cabos. 

Other Modes of Transportation in Los Cabos 

As you would’ve guessed, like any other major city, there are always local taxi drivers to hail when you need a ride. 

However, taxi fares have soared as the tourist population has increased, and the prices have remained high, like the hotel and flight fees. 

Cabo San Lucas resort

Many resorts and hotels also have shuttles, and some offer free transport to and from the airport and to other destinations in the Los Cabos area, while others charge their guests. 

Some of the resorts with free shuttle access include the Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos, Marquis Los Cabos, Tesoro Los Cabos, Le Blanc Spa Resort, Marina Fiesta Resort & Spa, and more. 

You can also always rent a car, but then you face the issue of the roads that are in poor condition and risk getting a flat tire or worse. 

shuttle in Los Cabos

As there really are limited bus routes and no metro routes other than by car or shuttle, there aren’t any options for getting around Los Cabos quickly. 

Understandably, tourists seem to prefer Uber because the prices are lower than those offered by local taxi drivers and more accessible than buses or hotel shuttle transportation. 

Places to Explore in Los Cabos

While in Los Cabos, there’s no shortage of places to explore and endless adventures to chase. 

With the help of transport, you can visit the numerous beaches, go to nearby islands, parks, and more. 

You can visit the nearby village Todos Santos and get a new piece of art at one of the many famous art galleries. 

Todos Santos

By car, you can also visit Cabo Pulmo, otherwise known as the “Aquarium of the World,” which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is believed to be approximately 20,000 years old.  

While scuba diving or snorkeling at the marine park, you can see several hundreds of species of marine life in the waters and explore the great ocean depths. 

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