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National Guard Roadway Patrols Increased To Protect Los Cabos Tourists

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Last year was a bad year on the roadways of Los Cabos.

In order to avoid a repeat of last year and promote safety of tourists in the area at the same time, the Mexican National Guard has stepped up patrols of the area roads. Their mission is to better ensure the safety and security of everyone taking to the roads and highways.

Accidents Increase in Los Cabos

Roadway incidents increased to close out 2023 at a pace that has Los Cabos municipal officials and law enforcement officers concerned about locals and the visitors enjoying the beach resort destination.


In Los Cabos last year, more than 500 people were injured on area roadways and highways.

The greatest concern of local officials was the traffic on the Transpeninsular Highway which links together the two cities of Los Cabos along with the Los Cabos International Airport. Is it a roadway often used by visitors enjoying a vacation getaway in the area.

National Guard Starts Patrols

The first phase of increased patrols by the Mexican National Guard on Los Cabos roadways started in December of last year.

National Guard members on truck

According to the commissioner of the National Guard in Baja California Sur, that initial effort has contributed to a decline in accidents in Los Cabos, especially on the Transpeninsular Highway.

They are now planning to increase patrols and outreach efforts to further decrease the number of accidents in Los Cabos, especially those involving tourists to the beach resort destination.

Patrols Set to Increase

They are now ready to increase patrols further to provide safety and security on the roads of Los Cabos.

National Guard

According to the commissioner, additional patrol efforts in Los Cabos will include a greater presence and awareness campaigns along with tickets and added fines to reduce the accident issue in the community.

“The commitment and objective that [the National Guard] is setting up is a greater presence in the area to reduce the number of accidents on this highway by at least 30% and up to 50%, which means that there will be campaigns, but also fines,” said the President of the Coordinating Council of Los Cabos, Julio Castillo Gómez, in a published news report on the issue.

Issues on the Roadways

Two cars in a crash accident

When it comes to the roadways of Los Cabos, there are several driving habits that are contributing to the incidents of accidents on roadways and the Transpeninsular Highway.

The three biggest issues are driving above the speed limit, inattentive driving (including cell phone use) and failure to yield right of way. The good news is driving under influence was not listed as one of the major concerns in the area.

What Travelers Need to Know

Ambulance on scene of an accident

While many tourists choose not to drive in Los Cabos, they all need to use the roadways to get from the airport to their resort and then to other destinations on their vacation getaway.

It is definitely in the best interest of all visitors to Los Cabos, including those who choose to drive, that the safety and security of all those on local roadways and highways is a priority in the beach resort destination.

Junction at the Transpeninsular Highway

The fact that municipal officials in Los Cabos, along with law enforcement, take the issue seriously and are willing to increase deployed resources to protect travelers on the roads should make travelers more comfortable about choosing Los Cabos for their vacation getaway.

Los Cabos officials know they have an issue on their hands, and getting it right involved needing assistance from the Mexican National Guard. The partnership should lead to success and make sure all of the key roads used by visitors to Los Cabos is safe and secure for all.

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