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New Report Shows Los Cabos Tourists’ Main Concern With Visiting

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In a recent interview held in San José del Cabo, the General Director of Los Cabos Tourism Trust (FITURCA), Rodrigo Esponda Cascajares, said mobility is currently tourists’ main concern. 

According to him, data was collected from exit surveys and highlighted how visitors in the municipality would like to see an improvement in the traffic conditions in the area. 

Aerial view of Los Cabos

Talking about the issue, Rodrigo Esponda Cascajares said, “Obviously vehicular traffic particularly affects the perception that visitors have, especially when they want to get to the airport or move to (another) destination.”

He added, “It is something that must be worked on collectively to make the visitor’s experience more positive.”

Sea of Cortez and beach in Los Cabos, Mexico

But despite tourists’ complaints, the situation is not too negative. The General Director declared that visitors’ perception of Los Cabos remains largely positive. 

This was confirmed by recent data from FITURCA, dating back to July 2023, when 69% of tourists in Los Cabos rated their satisfaction with the location as ‘higher than expected’. 

Despite this, Rodrigo Esponda Cascajares highlights the importance of trying to improve the huge traffic in the municipality to further increase tourists’ satisfaction. He declared, “It is an element that we have to work on so that it does not affect the destination.”

Traffic jam

What is Los Cabos’ problem with traffic?

Unfortunately, tourists in Los Cabos have been complaining about the traffic conditions in the municipality for quite some time now. 

At the beginning of September 2023, several traffic light outages were responsible for massive delays, causing international visitors to almost miss their flights back to the USA and other world destinations. 

According to locals, several traffic lights located in the main intersections of Los Cabos, in particular, the ones on Boulevard Forjadores, have been on the decline for almost nine years. 

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Docked boats at the marina in Los Cabos in a beautiful day

Following the outage, the Los Cabos municipality immediately tried to solve the problem but with scarce results. Work was delayed due to a lack of the necessary parts needed to fix the issue, and the main intersections in Los Cabos remained without traffic lights to regulate mobility. 

Another main reason for the frequent queues in the area is the poor conditions of most roads. Potholes are not rare in Los Cabos, causing drivers to slow down in order to dodge the many holes on their way. 

What is the municipality doing to speed up traffic? 

Luckily, the Los Cabos municipality is not indifferent to the tourists’ complaints and has recently put in place a series of initiatives and new measures to speed up traffic.

street filled with traffic in Mexico

One of the most discussed ones by the local media is surely the popular Permanent Pothole Program. The aim of this initiative is to fix the many potholes present on the Los Cabos roads, and the initiative has already proven to be extremely successful. But this is not all.

Employees busy in this road maintenance project are also working on fixing deteriorating streets, cleaning sidewalks, painting curbs, and reestablishing public lighting where needed. 

In mid-September 2023, the Los Cabos government also launched a new initiative to avoid delays due to traffic. Traffic lights in popular intersections were switched off and replaced by traffic personnel.

Marina and the Beach in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

This new measure was put in place to reduce the congestion occurring in the municipality on a daily basis as the authorities working on this initiative are now able to give priority to the vehicles located in the busiest streets, unlike traffic lights that do not have the ability to differentiate. 

Lastly, the Los Cabos City Council has recently approved the construction of a new overpass. This will be located in Cabo San Lucas, near the popular warehouse Costco. 

This project has been highly requested by several entities ranging from the College of Engineers, the College of Architects, and the Business Coordinating Council, as well as from locals tired of having to queue whenever approaching the city. 

Long line a toll booth causing traffic jams

According to transportation experts, the overpass will reduce the congestion often taking place in the area, especially during peak hours, and limit the unfortunately frequent accidents occurring there due to heavy traffic. 

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