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3 Reasons Why Los Cabos is Becoming More Pedestrian-Friendly

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Ricardo Reyes Sandoval, the General Coordinator of the Mobility Board in Los Cabos, has recently announced that the municipality is currently working on a few initiatives whose aim is to increase pedestrian safety, limit traffic, and create new walking paths. 

3 Reasons Why Los Cabos is Becoming More Pedestrian-Friendly

One of the initiatives consists of the construction of two bridges, a pedestrian bridge in San José del Cabo and an overpass in Cabo San Lucas, in Los Cabos. 

On top of this, higher fines for drivers exceeding the speed limits are currently being discussed for the safety of all citizens and tourists. 

The two pedestrian bridges

Ricardo Reyes Sandoval announced that the municipality will start construction works on the two new bridges in about ten days. 

Cabo San Lucas BCS Mexico Aug 15 2023 Areal view of the city and the Marina

The General Coordinator explained that the pedestrian bridge will be built at the height of Cerro Colorado in San José del Cabo and will cross the transpeninsular highway. 

This structure was highly requested by locals as drivers tend to often speed up on that particular road, making it incredibly difficult for pedestrians to cross safely. 

The overpass will be built near the warehouse store, Costco, in Cabo San Lucas. Similarly to the pedestrian bridge, this structure has been highly requested by the citizens of the city as well as by the business sectors, including the College of Engineers, the College of Architects, and the Business Coordinating Council.  

The overpass will help reduce the frequent congestion occurring during peak hours and limit the recurrent accidents caused by it. 

Early morning rush hour traffic in the intersection of Puebla and Jalapa streets, in the Roma Neighborhood in Mexico City

Higher fines for drivers 

The two bridges are only one of the many initiatives embraced by the Los Cabos government to turn this municipality into a more pedestrian-friendly area. 

Ricardo Reyes Sandoval recently announced that the city council is now discussing whether to approve higher fines for drivers exceeding the speed limits. 

The proposal is to establish new fines of up to 30 thousand pesos (as of today, the equivalent of $1655). 

Pedestrian crossing a road

This initiative has been proposed in an attempt to limit the, unfortunately, very frequent road accidents constantly taking place in the municipality. 

The General Coordinator explained that according to current data collected by Tezal, one in five accidents on the transpeninsular highway are fatal. 

The Los Cabos firefighters also report ten car accidents caused by speeding drivers per week.

Tourists are well aware of the disastrous situation of the roads and traffic in Los Cabos, and according to a recent report, they seem to be unhappy with the street conditions in the municipality, the constant traffic causing delays, and the lack of affordable transportation options.

street filled with traffic in Mexico

In response to the many complaints, in the last few months, the government has been working on a pothole program whose aim is to improve the street conditions in Los Cabos. Up till now, over 1,100 potholes have been fixed, but more still needs to be done. 

Historical route

But this is not all. The Los Cabos Head of the Building Commission for Sports, Culture, and Education is also working on a new historical route in the municipality. 

This pedestrian path will pass through several historical sites even though it is still unclear which tourist attractions will be included. 

According to the latest announcement, the historical route will pass by San José Cathedral as well as some of the municipality’s cemeteries, which are considered important sites for the Mexican culture as locals celebrate the Day of the Dead, one of the country’s most important festivities, in these sites.

día de los muertos mexico

Talking about the project, the Head of the Commission,  Linze Rodríguex, affirmed: “The proposal is to tour the panteones (cemeteries) and some other historical sites to be able to show the people who come to visit us, both national and foreigners, the beauties we have.”

The initiative has already been presented to the City Council and has been accepted with enthusiasm. However, there seem to be a few issues as it is still unclear whether the route will be given the ‘historical’ title.

view of bay in cabo san lucas

In fact, unless the sites on the route are currently included in the Mexican Cultural Heritage Registry, the municipality will not be able to legally present the route as ‘historical’.

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