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Los Cabos Tourists Warned To Avoid This Reckless Outdoor Activity

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When people think of the landmarks in Los Cabos, instantly their mind transports to the world-famous arch located at Lands End.

It’s where all the tourists want to go and take selfies—those staying in Los Cabos dream of an ocean-view resort hotel room with a view of the arch.

The arch has also been the place where a reckless group of tourists have been putting themselves at risk of injury or death by trying to climb to the top.

The Los Cabos Arch Landmark

View of the los cabos arch with cool colors in the sky in the background

Towering more than 200 feet into the air off the coast, the 115 million-year-old Los Cabos arch is definitely the landmark of the beach resort destination.

It marks the unique geologic spot where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez off the tip of the Baja California Sur peninsula coastline.

The arch is a Mexican federal protected natural monument under the Underwater Refuge of Flora, Fauna and Ecological Conditions since 1973.

It is under the direct supervision of the National Commission of Protected Natural Areas (CONANP).

Small Whale Breaching the Water Near the famous Arch in Cabo San Lucas.

It was also recognized as a World Natural Heritage of Humanity landmark by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 2005, along with several other popular tourist attractions near La Paz.

Trouble With Tourists

Tourists get up close to the symbol of Los Cabos via boat tours, which deposit them at the shore of Lover’s Beach to allow for some photo memories.

That’s where the trouble with the visitors begins.

Some believe that the most scenic photo memory of their trip to Los Cabos means scrambling up the rock to the top of the arch.

Several do it for personal memories, while others do it for social media. Regardless, it puts them in danger of a more than 250-foot drop to the underwater sand bar below.

The Danger of Climbing the Arch

Climbing the arch is strictly against the laws of Los Cabos and can subject the tourists to not only hefty fines up to $1.04 million pesos (or about $57,000 dollars) but also the potential for being jailed.

The Arch of Cabo San Lucas with a cloudy blue sky above.

Recently, several people climbed to the top of the arch for some personal photos. Lucky for them, they were able to climb back down without incident.

Some other tourists have not been as lucky trying to climb to the top of the arch.

Not too long ago, a group of tourists were stuck trying to climb the arch. Rescuers had to be called from the Los Cabos Fire Department onshore to use search and rescue equipment to get the tourists down from the edge of the arch.

The not-so-happy Los Cabos municipal law enforcement authorities were there to greet them with fines after being removed successfully by the fire department.

Boat Ride Out To The Los Cabos Arch

Tips For Travelers

Getting a picture with the Los Cabos arch is a fun and memorable experience of a vacation getaway to the beach resort destination. Tourists should absolutely get this picture from the ground!

There are many boat tours that will take tourists right up close to the arch for a fantastic picture or even selfie opportunity.

It’s a better picture than trying to climb to the top of the arch for a photo.

The world famous Los Cabos Arch.

Tourists are better off not putting themselves at risk for a potential $57,000 fine or even risk death from falling from the top of the arch into the rocks or water below.

Some officials have even warned that the constant scaling of the arch by tourists actually may cause destruction or, even worse, a collapse of the well-known natural landmark of the beach resort community.

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