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New $2 Million Los Cabos Project Will Help Better Protect Tourists

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The State of Baja California Sur continues to invest in the safety and security of Los Cabos travelers with the announcement of $2 million dollars ($36 million Mexican pesos) in funds to upgrade the emergency and law enforcement response in the region.

Upgraded Emergency Capacity

The $2 million dollar upgrade to the technology and operational capacity will have a number of direct benefits for the protection of tourists to the beach resort destination.

View of los cabos

It will be the first significant infrastructure investment in the Control, Command, Communication and Computing Center (C4) since its initial creation.

“Starting the year with a significant investment for the benefit of C4 will allow us to strengthen the service provided to the community in an issue as delicate and important as the attention and dispatch of emergency calls,” said the State of Baja California Sur Secretary of Public Security, Luis Alfredo Cancino Vicente, in a report about the new investment.

The new facilities will host a state-of-the-art dispatch and surveillance area for the region, including a new operator center for incoming 911 and 089 calls.

Police Officers Monitoring A Security System At A Station

It will also provide key strategy centers where all three levels of government – federal, state and municipal – can come together in one collaborative area to respond to potential incidents facing locals and tourists in the area.

Additional parts of the facilities will be dedicated to training, analyzing, and reporting law enforcement and public safety information in the region.

The computer systems and advanced specialized software will also be part of the $2 million dollar investment.

Security Cameras in a Palm Tree Looking Down at the City

With the investment and upgrade, the center will actually qualify for C5 status, up from C4, with the added capability for research and analysis projects.

Fighting Crime in Los Cabos

Crime continues to become a concern for travelers to Los Cabos and Baja California Sur as the recent release of the crime stoplight report shows an increase in overall crime activity between December and November.

A police truck parked outside of a resort in Los Cabos

In December, Los Cabos had three red lights for high levels of crime in drug dealing, vehicle robbery, and injury-related offenses. It had two yellow lights, or a warning signal, for business theft and domestic violence.

In November, Los Cabos only had two red lights for drug dealing and injury-related crimes. It also had four yellow lights for vehicle theft, home burglary, rape and domestic violence.

The good news about the increase in red lights is only one is being directly connected to tourists in the region – drug dealing offenses – and they are non-violent in scope.

An ambulance responding to an incident

Crime Focus for an Upgrade

The State of Baja California Sur, and the municipality of Los Cabos, continues the focus on crime in the hopes of providing better safety and security for tourists and hopefully leading to an eventual upgrade of the United States Department of State travel advisory rating.

The State Department has a “Exercise Increased Caution” level two rating on Baja California Sur. It is unchanged from August 22, 2023.

Tips For Travelers

American Travelers Enjoying A Sunny Beach

The continued investment in facilities, technology, and training for the safety and security of visitors to Los Cabos and Baja California Sur should help tourists feel safer about enjoying their beach resort vacation getaway to the area.

All three levels of government are committed to the protection of travelers and ensuring they enjoy their travel to the region.

As the State Department recommends, travelers should continue to exercise increased caution when visiting the area and should always be aware of their surroundings.

Tourists should also take additional steps to protect themselves against crimes of opportunity, such as leaving expensive jewelry, electronic items or cash unattended while at pools, beaches and public areas.

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