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Los Cabos Police Cracking Down On Tourist Zone Crimes To Protect Travelers

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As the peak winter travel season comes to a close, Los Cabos municipal police have announced a new initiative to focus on crimes affecting travelers in the tourist zone of the beach resort vacation destination.

Drug Dealing

A crime that is growing in the tourist zone of Los Cabos is the dealing of drugs, and it is involving tourists to the area.

The Cabo San Lucas Marina Area

According to a report on the new initiative by the Los Cabos municipal police, more than 400 citations were issued for drug dealing in the tourist zone between January and November of last year.

Some visitors to Los Cabos reported being hassled and harassed by drug peddlers, specifically targeting tourists walking on side streets in the tourist zone.

Los Cabos law enforcement started to step up patrols in the area during the peak winter holiday travel season and was satisfied with the improvement to the tourist experience. They plan to continue those efforts into the new year.

Shoreline At El Medano Beach

Traffic Safety Crimes

The Head of the Directorate of Public Security, Preventive Police and Municipal Traffic of Los Cabos, Captain Jesús. Antonio Gómez Rodríguez also said his law enforcement officers plan to focus on tourist zone traffic safety as a major initiative this year.

During 2023, road accidents in Los Cabos skyrocketed more than 63 percent in the beach resort destination compared to the same period in 2022.

Accident on a roadway in Mexico

The Los Cabos municipal law enforcement has also requested assistance from the State of Baja California Sur and the Mexican National Guard to assist with the increase in traffic accidents.

They are planning more visibility, along with a greater presence on key roads in the tourist zone, to reduce the number of accidents affecting visitors enjoying their beach vacation getaway in Los Cabos.

More strict enforcement of the speed limits on the Transpeninsular Highway and the Los Cabos Toll Road is also planned, along with more safety features on the roadway.

Mexican police at a checkpoint

These are popular roads that most travelers experience when traveling between Los Cabos International Airport and the tourist resort hotel zone.

State Department Advisory

The ultimate goal of all of the new police enforcement around drug dealing and traffic safety in the tourist zone is to protect the image of Los Cabos with visitors as well as the safety and security of travelers.

Cabo San Lucas Beach Filled With Tourists

However, the hope is that the work being done to reduce crimes in the main tourist zone is also going to improve the travel advisory rating from the United States Department of State.

Los Cabos officials feel they are unfairly being singled out for criminal activity in other areas of the country and that the State of Baja California Sur actually deserves an upgrade from its level two “exercise increased caution” advisory level.

They argue that the safety level in Los Cabos is about the same as the State of Yucatan, where the tourist hotspot of Merida is located, which is at the Department of State highest safety and security level – level one.

Mexican police patrolling a beach

What Travelers Need to Know

Los Cabos travelers should feel that the local law enforcement in the area has their safety and security at the top of minds and is focusing significant resources to protect travelers enjoying a vacation getaway in the area.

The incidence of crime is actually pretty low in tourist areas. Although, there has been a recent increase in the crimes of drug dealing and traffic safety crimes affecting visitors to the area.

The added enforcement in the tourist zone planned by the municipal police in Los Cabos should go a long way to make sure that travelers continue to be protected when enjoying their trip to the beach resort destination of Los Cabos.

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Wednesday 3rd of January 2024

Come on... If by now they dont know that there are at least 5 or 6 of the SAME GUYS... year after year trying to sell coke on the beach in front of the Rose between 3pm and 6pm - then they are never going to quash this. On the bright side, I have never felt threatened or unsafe ANYWHERE in Cabo, at anytime day or night. Thats not to say that you should still never walk by yourself or not be aware of your surroundings.