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Los Cabos Remains Safe For Tourists Despite Increase In This Crime

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Los Cabos is, without a doubt, one of the most popular Mexican destinations among American tourists, especially due to the frequent flights connecting this municipality to several U.S. cities. 

This area owes its popularity to its golden sand beaches, luxury resorts, and high safety levels. 

Pacific Beach in Cabo San Lucas Mexico

However, there is an alarming report that shows how this municipality has registered a 38.7% increase in drug dealing cases in the last year. 

So, should tourists be concerned? Here is everything you need to know about this recent report.

What does the report say?

The report is based on data provided by the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System (SESNSP).

Aerial view of Cabo Sun Lucas Marina

According to it, the state of Baja California Sur has registered a significant increase in the number of drug dealing cases in 2023, with 670 complaints from the period from January to November. 

On top of this, the report specified how over half of the cases were registered in Los Cabos, placing this as the municipality in Baja California Sur with the highest number of drug dealing cases.

Los Cabos was followed by the municipality of La Paz, which registered less than half of the cases in Los Cabos. 

Chileno Beach at Los Cabos Baja California sur Mexico

It’s important to specify that the municipalities of Mulegé, Comondú, and Loreto were among the ones with the lowest cases. 

According to the State Attorney General’s Office (PGJE) only in October, more than a dozen narcotienditas, the Spanish word used to refer to places where narcotics are sold, were detected by the local authorities. The majority of these were located in Los Cabos. 

Local authorities affirmed that the drugs sold in these places are methamphetamine hydrochloride, cannabis sativa, and cocaine hydrochloride. 

Land's End, rock formation in Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Considering these alarming numbers, tourists heading to Los Cabos soon may now be wondering whether this area is still safe. 

Is Los Cabos still safe? 

Despite the increase in drug dealing cases, the municipality of Los Cabos is still considered one of the safest in Mexico. 

This is because most of the people living in this area work in the tourism industry, meaning that if the city were to experience a drastic drop in its safety levels, most locals would experience an economic crisis. 

Police on Cabo Beach

As a consequence, the Los Cabos government has always made it its priority to focus most of its effort and funds on regularly increasing the safety levels of this area. 

But how is the government putting this into practice? Through a number of initiatives whose main aim is to protect tourists and locals alike. 

For instance, the Los Cabos government has recently launched an operation whose main aim is to protect travelers from local fraud. 

Los Cabos Authorities Increase Police Presence for Tourist Safety copy

Known as Ponte Trucha, which can be translated as ‘be aware’ or ‘stay alert’, this initiative aims at informing tourists about the latest frauds in the municipality so that they can take action to avoid being scammed. 

Of course, this is only one of the many new measures put in place by the Los Cabos government. 

A few days ago, the Green Angels, an organization providing free road support to the ones in need, received new vehicles to keep helping tourists. 

Aerial Image of breathtaking Lovers Beach Playa de los Almantes in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California, Mexico. Impressive rocky cliffs and crystal clear turquoise green water with white sand and waves.

Talking about this initiative, Green Angels Head of Services Jesús David Ortega Castro commented: “We receive more than vehicles, we receive tools that allow us to expand our reach and improve the effectiveness of our operations.”

He later added: “The Green Angels play a vital role in the protection and assistance of travelers, we are committed to prevention, assistance, and protection on the road as well as the promotion of tourist culture.”

In simple words, even though this new report shows alarming numbers, tourists heading to Los Cabos soon have no reason to worry. 

Person Being Escorted In Handcuffs By Police

The local government has proved again and again that safety levels in the area are extremely high so visitors can finally let go of all the stress accumulated throughout their working year and finally enjoy a well-deserved holiday without having to worry about their safety. 

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