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Nearly Half Of Los Cabos Visitors Who Plan Day Trips Head To This Charming Destination

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For decades, Los Cabos has been a huge vacation destination, drawing in millions of visitors each year who arrive to enjoy the area’s stunning beaches, outstanding resorts, and culturally rich atmosphere.

However, a change has been happening in Los Cabos, with more travelers than ever stepping out of their resorts and Los Cabos to explore the other treasures in the state of Baja California Sur.

Nowhere has proved more popular in this respect than the state capital La Paz, the picturesque city just 2 hours travel to the north.

A view of Balandra beach from a hillside

In fact, according to exit surveys conducted by the FITURCA (Los Cabos Tourism Trust) at the airport, over 40% of all travelers who took day trips out of the destination visited La Paz.

Long-time readers of The Cabo Sun will know all about La Paz, in our mission to bring our readers the most important and up-to-date information about Los Cabos there have been more articles than ever in 2023 about the beautiful city of La Paz.

For those still waiting to discover the city, this is why travelers are choosing more than ever to travel north and experience why their fellow visitors can’t get enough of La Paz.

A view of La Paz across the bay

The Real Mexico

Los Cabos is a stunningly beautiful destination, although it doesn’t have a reputation among locals or travelers as being “authentically Mexican”.

This is because Los Cabos has grown primarily as a tourism destination, a history that has shaped everything from architecture to city planning.

In comparison, La Paz is a truly Mexican city made up of stunning colonial neighborhoods and provides travelers with that magical “This is Mexico!” feeling that can make a vacation for those who love experiencing another culture.

A colonial cathedral in La Paz

Unique Accommodation

One of Los Cabos’ biggest strengths is also its biggest weakness for some travelers. The destination is full of stunning luxury resorts and big brand names providing reliably fantastic vacations.

However, for some travelers, those large resorts can feel too much like cookie-cutter resorts, the likes of which can be found in destinations across Mexico.

A resort in los cabos

In La Paz, travelers get to choose from a growing roster of boutique hotels and wonderfully individual vacation rentals.

This, coupled with the more authentically Mexican feel of the town, can help travelers truly immerse themselves in a Mexican vacation.

A view of La Paz cathedral at twilight with the city in the background

Mexico’s Most Beautiful Beach

Throughout Mexico, there is an unbelievable number of beautiful beaches, but in La Paz, they have a beach that is often referred to as the most beautiful in Mexico.

Balandra Beach, with its stunningly turquoise blue water and striking surrounding landscapes is a real treat for any traveler who enjoys a day relaxed on the sand.

Balandra Beach Located in La Paz, Mexico

Perhaps the biggest positive this beach has going for it is its protected status, just over 10 years ago the area was earmarked for resort development, but the protective locals were determined to protect the natural beauty of the area and successfully banded together to have the area designated a natural protected area.

While it took the wind out of the sails of hopeful developers, it has secured the area’s unspoiled beauty for generations of travelers yet to discover it.

travelers enjoying balandra beach on a sunny day

 However, just because it’s protected doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyed; the beach is popular with travelers as a kayaking spot thanks to its normally calm conditions, allowing even beginners to experience the area from the water.

For travelers who pack their hiking boots or a comfortable pair of sneakers, one of the most rewarding experiences at Balandra Beach is hiking to the top of one of the local trails of the surrounding hills that overlook the bay.

From there, travelers can drink in one of the most beautiful and unspoiled views in all of Baja California Sur.

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