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La Paz Will Install Security Cameras On Its Most Popular Beach To Keep Tourists Safe

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The most popular beach in La Paz will soon have high-tech remote monitoring surveillance cameras installed at the beach to keep tourists safe. But they’re not monitoring what you might just be thinking.

Cameras at Playa Balandra

Playa Balandra in La Paz

According to Baja California Sur State Governor Víctor Manuel Castro Cosío, cameras will be installed at Playa Balandra in La Paz to crack down on speeding boaters in the water, similar to the one that caused a recent significant accident near the beach.

Two divers were enjoying a day diving in the water when a boat approached at a high rate of speed. The divers tried to warn the boat that they were in the water to no avail.

The boat struck a diver causing a significant loss of blood and potential loss of a limb. The diver is still in the hospital recovering.

The worst part is, according to local marine officials, the entire incident involving the tourist could have been completely avoided.

Divers below a boat in the ocean

Kayakers are also complaining about the high rate of speed by the tourist boats. They fear that they aren’t being seen until it is nearly too late, especially in the area near the sharks.

They are receptive to the increased security and monitoring of Playa Balandra because several have remarked that it is just a matter of time before a kayaker is struck in the water by a speeding boat, similar to the incident involving the diver.

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whale in ocean

Cameras For Security

While the cameras in La Paz will be installed to protect tourists from boats traveling at high rates of speed on the waters near the beach, they will ultimately also be used to control crime on the beach.

This is the reason why nearby Los Cabos has integrated a number of cameras installed by the El Médano Business Owners Association were recently integrated into the system controlled by the municipal police in Los Cabos.


Playa El Médano is the most popular tourist beach in Los Cabos.

On top of the cameras integrated by the business owners, Mayor Leggs Castro is working to install more cameras at El Médano beach in an attempt to crack down on crime and keep tourists safe in the beach resort destination.

Crime on the Increase

Person Being Escorted In Handcuffs By Police

The recent “stoplight report” from the Baja California Sur state government issued for the month of March showed a troubling trend of crime increasing in Los Cabos and La Paz.

Crime in La Paz increased from two red lights to six during the March period.

The cameras on Playa Balandra should help officials monitor overall criminal behavior on the beach, including the speeding boaters.

Playa Balandra

Recently, the police in Los Cabos released a request for tourists to be more participative in reporting illegal activities to the authorities, and tourists in La Paz should also follow suit.

The lack of tourists willing to report crimes is leading to an increase in overall criminal activity.

Criminals specifically target tourists because they know their crime will not be reported to the police and investigated.

Presumably, the same issue is occurring in La Paz, which is also prompting the need for security cameras on Playa Balandra.

What Tourists Can Do

police on beach los cabos

Even though tourists are on vacation enjoying their time on Playa Balandra in La Paz, it is important for everyone to remain vigilant and protect against crime.

It is critical that all visitors to Los Cabos and La Paz feel like citizen travelers, and if they see something, report it promptly to a nearby municipal police officer or someone able to secure an officer to file the necessary report.

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