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Covid Cases Continue To Rise In Cabo And La Paz

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New COVID variants, BA.4, and BA.5 that have been essentially labeled as sub variants of the Omicron variant are making their presence felt in the Cabo region. Cases have doubled in the last week in Los Cabos, something that has made authorities on high alert. So far no new restrictions have been announced in the Cabo region. The same can’t be said though about other cities in Baja California, such as La Paz. 

Los Cabos Doubles In COVID Cases & Reports One Death

From week to week Los Cabos went from reporting 84 active COVID cases to 148 in the current week with a couple of days still to go. Major outbreaks of the disease have also been reported in Los Cabos schools.

New Covid Variant Has Arrived In Cabo But Restrictions Will Not Change

Throughout the state the total number of COVID cases has grown already at a rate of 77% compared to the numbers posted last week. Fortunately most of the cases have been treated at home. This includes the students that had contracted the disease in Cabo schools. These outbreaks have caused the number of active cases per day being reported to grow to over 80. At this rate, the number of active cases in the region may very well reach the 1000 mark. The good news is that out of all of the reportedly active cases in the state only 7 people are currently hospitalized. Two of these people are reported in critical condition. 

COVID Testing Tent

Sadly, Los Cabos reported 1 COVID related death already in the last week. This marked the first COVID related death in Los Cabos since April. As previously stated, in spite of the growing concern about a new COVID outbreak local authorities in Los Cabos have yet to announce the return of COVID related restrictions. 

Post Covid Route

La Paz Imposes New COVID Restrictions As Cases Surge In The City

Most of the cities in Baja California saw an uptick in the number of confirmed COVID cases in the past week. La Paz went from 272 active cases last week to 452 so far this week. The local government in La Paz has already mandated that closed venues, like restaurants, and movie theaters only operate at 70% capacity. Authorities also recommend to locals and tourists to keep a safe distance from other people, particularly while in close quarters. 

Free COVID Testing Sites In Los Cabos Will Remain Open For Public and Tourists

Mask wearing is recommended by the local government. Finally, people going out to nightclubs in the city will have to head home by 3am. Operating hours in the La Paz nightlife are going to be altered in the coming days. 

COVID Protocols being followed

Cases Increasing In Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas has the second highest number of cases in the state behind La Paz. This is something that was already anticipated by health secretary Zazil Flores who predicted the surge back in the middle of May.

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While the number of infected people is continuing to rise, the percentage of those people who are falling gravely ill remains low. Which, in turn means that hospitals are still very capable of handling this 5th COVID wave at the moment. If the cases continue to rise authorities in the Los Cabos region could announce new restrictions.