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Los Cabos Uber Drivers Say They’ll Continue Demonstrating And Blocking Roadways

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Uber drivers in Los Cabos say they won’t stop demonstrating until their allowed to operate without harassment. Representatives of the digital platform UBER in Mexico have voiced support to the drivers.

Uber drivers continue to push for work without harassment

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Uber drivers in Los Cabos continue to press the local government of Los Cabos for freedom to work.  Over the last several weeks, Uber drivers in the Los Cabos area have demonstrated and even blocked roadways on certain occasions. 

They keep voicing their displeasure with Los Cabos and the state government. They want to work without fear of fines and harassment. The local government of Los Cabos keeps reiterating that they do not have proper permits to work in the area as local taxi drivers do.

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Several Instances of Uber Drivers demonstrating

Over several weeks, as meetings have come and gone, Uber drivers continue demonstrating at high-traffic intersections around the city. Several weeks ago, Uber drivers blockaded traffic under the bridge of a critical roadway at Leona Vicario and Constituyentes for approximately 5 hours. This first blockade caused severe road congestion in the area.

Last week, Uber drivers demonstrated again at another critical intersection of Constituyentes and the San Jose del Cabo exit. This demonstration took place during the opening week of spring break and heavy tourists activity in the area. The blockade caused hundreds of cars to be blocked, and numerous tourists missed their flights.

Representatives of Uber in Mexico speak up

Uber in Mexico gave their full support to the drivers battling opportunities to work in Los Cabos. Director of Communication of Uber Mexico, Maria Eugenia Zurita, issued a statement earlier this week. Zurita stated, “The company expresses support for the partners of its digital platform. They ask for a stop to the unjustified operations against it.”

The Uber platform also believes that Los Cabos and the government will keep the dialogue open. They feel an agreement is for the common good of all south Californians. They ended by stating UBER will continue to promote economic development and mobility alternatives in favor of its customers.

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Mayor of Los Cabos talks about ongoing Uber dispute

Monday morning, the mayor of Los Cabos, Oscar Leggs Castro, mentioned that no more road blockades would be allowed, nor will the law be violated to give privileges they do not have.

Leggs went on to say, “In Los Cabos, the law is applied, the law is not negotiated. We will act with all the rigor of the law because we are not going to allow more blockades of our roads or streets. There are ways to demonstrate; the dialogue is open to anyone who wants to demonstrate, and we will attend them.”

Uber Drivers Block Los Cabos Streets

After the demonstration last week, the Uber drivers made it clear they would demonstrate again if authorities continued to ignore the “truce” put in place last week.

The mayor of Los Cabos concluded, “No law is going to be negotiated just because of pressures of any kind, that must be clear and is the message to those who believe that by pressing, we will violate the law to give them privileges they do not have.”

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Los Cabos tourists feel the delay

This dispute has been ongoing with demonstrations and blockades for over a month now. With Los Cabos in the height of tourism season, it appears some tourists are getting caught in the middle. As a result of the most recent traffic blockade, several tourists missed their arrival at the airport and missed their flight.
Los Cabos authorities have stated how important it is to keep the disruptions at a minimum for area tourists. The economic engine that is tourism in Los Cabos cannot afford to receive too many setbacks in the eyes of tourists.

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