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Los Cabos Tourists Warned Of Painful Beach Hazard On Most Popular Beach

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It’s been a couple of weeks since a boat ended up in the middle of the sand at El Medano Beach.

Apparently, the captain lost control of the vessel but was thankfully able to avoid ending up on the rocks in favor of steering the ship towards the sand, where it ultimately came to a stop.

As the ship skid across the sand, fiberglass from its hull started to peel away, and bits of it ended up all over the beach. 

Shoreline At El Medano Beach

Thankfully as the boat made its way across the sand before coming to a stop, no one was injured. Now though, multiple national and foreign tourists have reported being cut by the fiberglass bits that have remained on that part of the beach after the incident.

Beachgoers mention that local authorities did not provide the necessary cleaning efforts to ensure that people walking barefoot at El Medano weren’t at risk of injury. 

Santa Maria Beach (Playa Santa Maria) in Los Cabos, Mexico

As of this weekend, beachgoers still reported seeing bits of the aforementioned fiberglass hull of the boat all over the sand at El Medano.

The biggest issue at this point is that a lot of these sharp bits of fiberglass are now covered by the sand. Even if clean-up efforts were made, there’s still a chance that many of these sharp bits will remain embedded in the sand for some time to come.

Therefore, people headed to El Medano may want to take the necessary precautions. 

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The Issue Came As A Result Of A Botched Removal Operation 

Apparently, what aggravated the issue was a botched removal operation. To be able to remove the boat from its resting place on the beach, local authorities had to dismantle it and remove it piece by piece.

The problem was in taking apart the boat, more and more fragments of it ended up on the beach. As previously mentioned, as evidenced by the increasing number of injuries in the area recently, the cleanup efforts made after removing the boat were not enough to prevent the situation.

Tractor cleaning up the beach

In fact, some of the locals and tourists who reported the issue even mentioned that bits of the boat are still visible in the water.

The waves continued to push more and more bits of the boat back onto the beach. Some of the locals who reported the situation to media outlets in Los Cabos have criticized the lack of action by ZOFEMAT staff members, stating that since the Blue Flag certification season has passed, beach clean-up efforts have not been as effective. 

Blue flag waving on the beach signaling that the beach is certified.

Beach Goers Are Advised To Avoid Walking Barefoot At El Medano Beach

The boat that ended up on the beach at El Medano did so at a part of the beach that’s closer to the Cabo San Lucas marina.

Therefore, beachgoers that are going to be spending their day at the private part of El Medano near the RIU hotel or the ME should be ok to walk the sand barefoot.

That may not be the case, though, for people at the part of the beach closer to the Hacienda Beach Club.

El Medano Beach Los Cabos

The tourists staying at multiple villas in that area that have access to El Medano are going to be more at risk of stubbing their toes on some of the fiberglass left over from the boat.

Due to all this, avoiding walking out on the beach barefoot could be a good idea. Also, tourists headed to the beach are being advised to inspect the area of the sand where they’d be looking to set up their camp for the day. 

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If people do have the misfortune of stepping on one of these fragments from the boat and injuring themselves, they can get help at one of the tents on the beach that’s been set up by the Mexican red cross.

Lifeguards on duty in that part of the beach could also help treat the wounds of these beachgoers that have the misfortune of encountering boat fragments.

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Tuesday 8th of August 2023

I was there when the boat was beached. It was because the captain was adrift when the last tropical storm kicked up the ocean and he was obviously inexperienced. The boat washed up on the shore and they were stripping it down by the Hacienda. There were NO authorities present nor was there any warning tape, signs, nothing. QUESTIONS: Was the captain fined? Who is going to pay for the beach clean up?