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Los Cabos Tourists Urged To Pay Attention To Safety Hazards On All Beaches

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Los Cabos just can’t seem to catch a break lately. First, Hurricane Hilary blasted through the region, and now more weather hazards are causing a ruckus.

As one of the top beach destinations this year, tourists are obviously disappointed to hear when beaches are closed.

But as they say, “safety first”. Some beaches just simply are not safe to visit in times of storms or other natural phenomenon.

sandy beach in los cabos

As it stands, on September 7, there are 4 beaches closed off to the public. Los Cabos officials are urging tourists to pay close attention to safety hazards on all beaches, not just ones closed off already.

Just because a certain beach may not be currently marked as unsafe, that doesn’t mean tourists shouldn’t be extra mindful.

There have been many reports this year of both rescues and drownings, which can be avoided if precautions are taken at the beach.

row of beach chairs in cabo

Hurricane Jova

After Hurricane Hilary left her mark, now Hurricane Jova is causing trouble too by bringing in heavy rains to one of Mexico’s best vacation spots.

Listed earlier this week as a Category 5 hurricane, there are reports of some areas seeing streets flooded, and others are becoming so muddy it is unsafe to drive on too.

The latest reports are predicting the hurricane will not make landfall and will slow down this weekend, but that’s never a guarantee.

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rain cloud over beach

But what about the beaches? That’s what tourists really want to know. Rainy weather isn’t exactly what Cabo tourists pictured for a dreamy beach vacay.

So, some people may choose to stay indoors at one of Cabo’s amazing luxury resorts. Others may feel they spent all this money to come here for a nice vacation; they might as well visit the beach anyway.

It’s important to know which beaches are affected.

4 Beach Closures

As of September 8, there are no new reports that beaches have reopened. Due to the dangerous weather conditions, there was no choice but to close certain beaches.

black flag on the beach

Los Cabos wants nothing more than for tourists to enjoy the beaches as this is their main moneymaker. However, tourists’ safety is also of the utmost importance.

The 4 beaches currently closed are:

  • Santa María,
  • Acapulquito
  • Las Viudas
  • Palmilla
black flag on sandy beach

Citizens are urged to respect the restriction of entry to the aforementioned spaces, as well as abide by the recommendations of the Zofemat Los Cabos lifeguard personnel, in addition to staying informed about the recommendations and forecasts that are being issued by the municipal authorities.” 

– Municipal Coordination of the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone of the Municipality (Zofemat)

Obviously, these beach closures are not just for citizens, as Los Cabos is filled with tourists year-round.

Tourists and locals alike will notice black flags at all 4 of these beaches. This signifies they are completely closed off for public use.

4 Beaches With Red Flags

red flag on beach in los cabos

It seems to be a hot topic lately on different beaches throughout Cabo, having different flags posted week to week.

Some beaches were at risk of losing their prestigious blue flags, while others have hovered back and forth between black, red, and yellow.

Every flag has a different meaning, but the main 2 colors to know this week are black and red. The beaches with red flags as of September 8 are:

  • El Cosario
  • El Surgidero
  • La Ribera beaches
  • Beaches located along the San José del Cabo tourist corridor
red flag on a sandy beach in cabo

Red flags determine beaches are open, but getting into the water is strictly forbidden.

The Dangers Of Hazardous Beaches

Currently, weather reports estimate Hurricane Jova won’t be serious enough for an emergency evacuation, yet close enough to feel its presence.

The region is experiencing heavy rain, high winds, and flooding. These conditions can become very dangerous for beachgoers with strong currents and large waves.

While Cabo is a popular spot for surfers, these aren’t the type of conditions for surfing and definitely not for swimming.

It’s best to pay attention to the beach flags to be informed of each beach’s safety level.

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