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Why Los Cabos’ Pristine Beaches Are At Risk Of Losing Highly Prestigious Awards

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Surely, we are all aware of Hurricane Hilary powering through the southern tip of Mexico all the way to Los Angeles.

High winds and rain pounded up the coastline for what seemed like forever, causing floods, power outages and more damage between 2 countries.

When a raging storm barrels through a beach city, chances are there are going to be some major consequences.

pristine cabo beach

Not only will flooding most likely occur in some areas but the beaches themselves will be damaged.

That’s the case in Los Cabos right now. So much so that some of the region’s most pristine beaches are at risk of losing their prized Blue Flag status.

There is no time more important than to pay attention to the flags posted on Cabo’s beaches. Yet, blue flags are a good thing.

They are a proud symbol for the hard work of upkeep to attain such an award. Unfortunately, due to the storm, some of the blue-flagged beaches aren’t what they used to be at the moment.

What Does The Blue Flag Symbolize?

blue flag on beach

Los Cabos has 25 beaches certified with blue flags. But what does this mean, exactly? Unlike other colored warning flags on Cabo beaches, the blue one is a reason to feel good about.

It is the highest possible standard for beaches. Over 30 qualifications have to be met in order to receive the prestigious blue flag.

To name of a few, beaches must meet very complex requirements for lifeguard certifications, water quality, accessibility for the disabled, and more.

However, continuously upholding these standards has its hurdles. Especially after an intense storm.

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blue flag and palm trees

Some of the most common areas to visit Cabo’s blue flag beaches are in:

  • El Médano
  • Las Viudas
  • La Ribera
  • Palmilla
  • Chileno
  • La Gaviota 

Why Blue Flag Certification Is Currently At Risk

garbage on the beach

With so many standards to meet, it only takes one outside circumstance to create chaos. It’s already challenging to uphold 33 requirements, so a hurricane only makes matters worse.

Storms tend to bring massive swells, contaminated water conditions, and hoards of garbage. These unfortunate natural events uncheck many boxes that need to remain checked.

As of now, the beaches are still certified with blue flags. The caveat is there a 15-day window has been given to fix all the unchecked boxes.

Some beaches may not be accessible for disabled patrons; others are dirty with garbage, and other various scenarios yet to be reported.

person picking up trash on the beach

The main concerns appear to be an influx of garbage flowing into what are usually considered pristine beaches.

Vacationers and locals can help by making sure to dispose of waste properly and not toss trash into streams, which ultimately end up in the ocean.

There will also be cleaning campaigns accepting volunteers to make these gorgeous beach spots squeaky clean again.

If the beaches are not cleaned properly within 15 days, the highly sought-after award of blue flag certification will be lost.

people picking up trash on the beach

Upholding The Standard Is Tough

Over the weekend, Los Cabos suspended alcohol sales until the storm passed. The good news for Cabo vacationers is they can now begin enjoying adult beverages again.

The point being, Cabo is a vacation hotspot. Part of vacationing for many is having a drink to help unwind or go all out for a night on the town.

Sometimes this can make travelers get a little out of hand to the point of being careless of their surroundings, so Cabo took the precaution of suspending alcohol sales while the storm passed through.

dj at beach party

Cabo has dealt with the challenge of upholding blue flag status in the past. During Spring Break, Cabo is typically packed with tourists on the beach.

It’s not uncommon for garbage to pile up or beaches to become too crowded for disabled beachgoers to pass through safely.

Cabo takes a lot of pride in keeping their blue flags, but it has been difficult to maintain during busy travel seasons.

Other than natural disasters, it is ultimately up to tourists to play their part in keeping beaches clean and safe for everyone.

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