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Los Cabos Authorities Cracking Down On Illegal Bars To Keep Tourists Safe

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Authorities in Los Cabos recently visited all of the registered bars and restaurants that sell alcohol in the region to verify their permits.

Any businesses found to be operating illegally would be fined or closed down in order to keep tourists safe.

Tourists in Los Cabos shopping area

Thankfully, according to their findings, all of the previously certified establishments that sold adult beverages have been able to confirm that their permits are still valid.

That means that tourists can be certain that when they are ordering an alcoholic beverage at a Cabo establishment, the place has the license to be able to sell these types of drinks.

drinks on the beach in Los Cabos

How These Checks On Bars Really Help Tourists

As previously stated, the big win for travelers and locals is that they can be confident when sitting down at a bar that there won’t be a police raid on the place because they’re illegally selling anything.

These particular checks were just meant to ensure that places that advertise alcohol sales have a permit to sell these products, so travelers are still advised to be smart about what they consume.

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Corona beer and nachos

Bars, restaurants, and other establishments like small supermarkets that have beer and other drinks very much within the customer’s sight are definitely places that pass these checks.

This doesn’t mean, though, that there are no situations in which alcohol is sold illegally in Los Cabos.

Despite the authorities’ best efforts, it could be a good idea to avoid places where this practice could still occur.      

Local Store In The Area

Risks Of Buying From Sellers Without A Permit  

The biggest risk of buying from sellers without a permit is that these sellers will, in fact, purchase their products from other unregulated third-party sellers.

This process makes it more likely that the beverage that ends up being sold to the customer won’t necessarily be what’s advertised on the can.

Cabo Wabo Cantina in the Nightlife Area of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

With the current findings though, tourists can be sure that all of the popular restaurants and bars within the main tourist areas have their permits in line. This means that certified distributors are likely to provide them with the right adult beverages.

Tourists staying at an Airbnb or other vacation home options that may want to buy drinks for their stay can do so with confidence in places like Walmart and all of the established supermarkets. That’s the best way to ensure they’ll buy the right products.  

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Friday 15th of September 2023

We have been going to Cabo for the last four years. Well last year on New Year’s Eve Night coming out of Cabo Wabo,we were approached by a young man nicely dress asking and showing us cocaine. I was beside my self. The next day on the board walk the men again offering us cocaine in broad daylight with no shame. We won’t be going back. If you decide to go be safe and don’t be surprised . Remember they are lacing drugs with fentanyl.