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Los Cabos Tourists Hospitalized After Vehicle Crash

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A recent road accident in the municipality of Los Cabos left two tourists severely injured. 

The car crash occurred on Friday the 6th at around 2:00 PM, approximately 1 km from the tollbooth heading to San José del Cabo International Airport. 

Los Cabos Tourists Hospitalized After Vehicle Crash

The bus involved in the accident was transporting 14 tourists who had just landed in Los Cabos. 

Civil Protection, Public Security, and the National Guard immediately arrived on the scene to evaluate the situation. 

Unfortunately, two tourists were severely injured. They were transferred to the local hospital for medical treatment. In total, 16 people were involved in the car crash. 

Cabo San Lucas BCS Mexico Aug 15 2023 Areal view of the city and the Marina

Even though report after report keeps demonstrating how Los Cabos is among the safest destinations in Mexico, the conditions of its streets still need to be largely improved. 

Not by chance, recent data has shown how tourists are unhappy with the conditions of the roads in the municipality, a situation that keeps causing accidents. 

Are Los Cabos’ Streets safe?

Unfortunately, Los Cabos still has plenty of work to do to improve the conditions of its roads. 

Car in queue due to traffic

According to the General Coordinator of the Mobility Board, data collected by Tezal shows how one in five accidents on the transpeninsular highway, one of the main roads in the municipality, is fatal.

Los Cabos firefighters also give us a dreadful picture of the situation, stating that they receive approximately ten calls per week for accidents caused by drivers exceeding the speed limits. 

So, what are the Los Cabos authorities doing to solve the issue and improve the safety of their roads? 

Street conditions  

Cabo San Lucas, areal view of the marina

The Los Cabos municipality is currently working on several initiatives to improve road safety. 

For instance, thanks to the Permanent Pothole Programme, over 1,100 potholes in the Los Cabos municipality have now been fixed. The money allocated to this project is also being used for other small initiatives.

Some of these include the cleaning of the sidewalks, the painting of the curbs, as well as the reestablishing of public lighting. 

Cabo San Lucas Street with Cars and Tourists On It.

The latter is extremely important as traffic lights in both San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas have been on the decline for years, causing delays. 

This is mainly due to the lack of maintenance work from the Los Cabos authorities, causing frequent outages that can be incredibly dangerous. 

The authorities claim that works have been delayed because they lack the necessary parts needed to make the repairs. However, the current situation keeps posing a danger for tourists and locals alike. 


Another main reason for concern is traffic. In order to improve the situation, the Los Cabos authorities have approved the construction of an overpass in Cabo San Lucas near the warehouse store Costco.

Early morning rush hour traffic in the intersection of Puebla and Jalapa streets, in the Roma Neighborhood in Mexico City

This new structure should reduce the frequent congestion taking place during peak hours in the area and often causing accidents. 

This project has been highly requested by the business sector, including the College of Engineers, the College of Architects, and the Business Coordinating Council, as well as by local citizens. 

According to Los Cabos General Director of Public Security Preventive Police and Traffic, Jesús Antonio Gómez Rodríguez, the government has also recently worked on a new measure to speed up traffic. 

This consists of switching off traffic lights and replacing them with personnel. This measure is supposed to reduce traffic as, unlike traffic lights, traffic personnel can constantly evaluate the situation and give priority to the vehicles on the busiest roads. 

street filled with traffic in Mexico

Talking about the initiative, Jesús Antonio Gómez Rodríguez commented: “In some sections of San Lucas, such as the 2015 bridge and La Sanluqueña, traffic lights are not out of service. 

They are turned off between the hours of 6:30 am and 9:00 am because traffic personnel are in the area to give more fluidity to the traffic.”

Speeding drivers

Los Cabos Police Patrolling the Streets of San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

Last but not least, the City Council is also discussing the possibility of implementing higher fares for drivers exceeding speed limits in an attempt to reduce car crashes. 

The proposal is to increase the fines up to 30 thousand pesos, as of today, the equivalent of 1640 dollars.

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Tuesday 10th of October 2023

In regards to the traffic problem & attributing solutions, is for Authorities to work with Costco to open a second location in San Jose. Overhead speeding Cameras to capture vehicles speeding through the Corridor, Electronic Tickets or License Revoked if not paying Fine. Much needed, Guard Rails in the Corridor. Don’t know if you have Authorities you reach out to…