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Los Cabos To Increase Police Presence In Popular Tourist Zone

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Overall, travelers feel safe and secure when visiting Los Cabos for a vacation getaway to the sun, sand, and surf, which are popular Mexican travel hotspots.

Ratings from tourist exit surveys still rate high overall on this very important perception concern for visitors.

However, in one very specific part of Los Cabos, travelers have been concerned with the overall safety and cleanliness in the area.

Tourists Walking Around the Marina in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

They have provided feedback not only on websites like our own but also with their pocketbooks and wallets by avoiding the area.

This has led to merchants calling for the area to be cleaned up and potentially redeveloped to better appeal to tourists.

The municipal government is now stepping in to help improve the visitor perception of the Los Cabos marina area.

Increasing Marina Safety and Security

Marina Area in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

After several high level safety and security incidents in the marina area of Los Cabos, the municipality is committed to taking control of the formerly popular tourist area by adding more police patrols.

The Los Cabos Mayor’s Office Chief of Staff, Javier Ruiz Almanza, acting on behalf of Mayor Oscar Leggs Castro, said recently the police presence in the marina area will increase, especially during the hours of greatest tourist influx.

The municipal police department will be working closely with the Mexican Navy to increase patrols for more tourist safety and security in the marina industry.

Hotels and Boats in the Marina Area of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

A Tourism Partnership

The Mayor’s Office is focused on making sure all parties work together in a collaborative effort to resolve the issue. That not only includes the police department, municipal government, federal government, tourism officials and of course, local businesses.

“Los Cabos staff will carry out a periodic review of the networks and constant silting, although these issues do not concern us directly, since they are the responsibility of the National Port System (ASIPONA),” Ruiz Almanza said. “However, Mayor Oscar Leggs has instructed that support be given to everything that is needed for the benefit of the marina.”

Marina in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, with buildings in the background and boats in the front

That also involves recent concerns travelers have about the grease trap odors in the marina; the collection of garbage from overflowing containers; the high concentration of beach and street vendors; along with the crime and police presence in the area.

Ruiz Almanza said the municipal police will be focused on community policing in the marina area, meaning they will have a high visibility and regular presence in the area to deter crime and improve the perception of safety and security for travelers enjoying the area.

The marina area was not only a popular strolling area for Los Cabos visitors but also a location with shopping, drinking, and dining establishments catering to tourists.

View of boats at the Los Cabos marina in the downtown tourist corridor, with the Luxury Avenue shopping mall in the background.

Businesses would like to welcome travelers back to the marina area once the action plan goes into effect to improve the area.

No timeline was given for the start of the additional community police patrols in the Los Cabos marina area.

Tips For Travelers

Tourists Walking Around the Marina Area in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

You have spoken, including feedback on our own stories about the marina, and the local officials have listened.

They are starting to take steps to improve the marina area and change the perception of the formerly busy Los Cabos tourist destination for dining, drinking, and shopping.

Right now, it is all in the discussion phase, and it is hoped that the changes will be implemented quickly.

Tourists are avoiding the marina area, and businesses are suffering while calling for action.

It would be great for travelers to rediscover the area and once again find the marina as a fun place to go for a walk, enjoy a night out, eat a good meal and find some great shopping memories of Los Cabos.

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George Deacon

Monday 1st of July 2024

Hi, Read the article very good and we applaud the action being taken to improve tourist and in addition local business people’s safety. But as a resident I find at times the constant presence of extremely well armed police and military personal intimidating. So too much may have opposite effect and as in the article community based policing might be a better option. Lightly armoured, more interactive with tourists and locals, helpful, virtually local guides. Additional has anybody canvased the number of tourists that now stay at the many hotels that are all inclusive or offer very generous meal/drinking plans. Do these tourists venture out? Seldom unless to participate in organized tours. If they do their spending is rationed having eaten prior to leaving. The number of business people around the marina area trying to sell a boat tour, or young children selling bracelets (at times very late in the evening) this badgering can sadly put some people off. The type of shops and the goods being sold is very limited not in quantity but variety in the goods. Trash/garbage is still a big issue, the Centro areas have made great strides in tidying up their areas, and the volunteer groups are making a huge difference. When one drifts from the Centro areas a different story exists. Bus stops, vacant lots, along areas where cars are parked the verges, lay-byes have empty bottles, glass and plastic, beer tins, general waste thrown from the cars. This requires education from an early age and will be generational for any real changes to happen. For all to dispose of there litter in a responsible way, not just for the looks of an area but to keep Los Cabo’s the beautiful place it is for everyone to enjoy for generations to come.