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Tourists Are Still Loving Los Cabos Vacations Despite This Growing Issue

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Not too long ago, tourists were surveyed to rate their biggest concerns with visiting Los Cabos.

While the typical concerns such as room rates and busy amenities made the list, there was one new one that caught the attention of the local tourism agency.

Travelers expressed concern that the level of cleanliness in parts of Los Cabos had declined recently.

Two green trash cans lined with trash bags mounted on a pier in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The Los Cabos Tourism Trust noted the issue and implemented plans and volunteer projects to help clean up spots in town that needed additional attention.

While the efforts have made some difference, travelers still rate the issue high on the list of concerns on visitor surveys to Los Cabos.

Cleanliness A Major Tourism Issue

Boats Sitting in the Cabo San Lucas Marina

With the elimination of the National Fund for Tourism Promotion (FONATUR), issues with tourism have shifted to the local level in travel hotspots such as Los Cabos.

Since that fund was eliminated, tourists have noted a general decline in the area’s cleanliness.

According to the Los Cabos Tourism Trust, two issues continue to concern tourists visiting Los Cabos for their vacation getaway – transportation and cleanliness.

taxi driver in Mexico

“Every month, some key indicators are measured for us: mobility, cleanliness, security; the perception of these three indicators, in addition to many others,” said the organization’s director, Rodrigo Esponda Cascajares, in a published report about the issue.

“The survey also measures particular places such as the marina, highways, the airport; strategic points for the visitor. Yes, it has had a gradual downward effect, not in security, but in mobility and cleanliness.”

Tourists Remain Positive

Los Cabos International Airport

Despite travelers’ concerns about the cleanliness of Los Cabos when enjoying a trip to the sun, sand, and surf, they remain overall satisfied with the location as a travel destination.

There has been a slight decrease in visitor satisfaction with their vacation getaway to Los Cabos, but overall, travelers are still 96 percent satisfied with their trip to Baja California Sur.

“If we measure the level of general perception of the visitor, it is very positive, Esponda Cascajares said.

“That is to say, 96% of tourists mentioned that they leave very satisfied, regardless of whether they rate some elements like the ones we are talking about not as positively. But travelers see elements that are not so positive, and we have to attend to them. If not, the tourist is going to look for other options of destinations to go to.”

Male cleaning crew in Mexico

Travelers Start to React

Recently, it was reported that visitors to Los Cabos have started to avoid the centro of Cabo San Lucas and sales in the area fell more than 20 percent in the last months of 2023.

The situation has actually gotten even worse, according to published reports from businesses in the area.

Club and Cars on a Street in DOwntown Cabo San Lucas

Nightlife sales and activity in the centro of Cabo San Lucas have actually fallen further in the first few months.

Businesses are attributing the 33 percent drop in sales to the need to clean and revitalize the centro area.

Many Cabo Sun readers have echoed the same concern.

What Tourists Need to Know

man cleaning beach with rake

Cleanliness remains a major concern among travelers, and local businesses and tourism officials are aware of the issue.

The concern is being addressed at the grassroots level through local organizations. However, the need is for the municipal, state and federal governments to become involved to find a solution to the problem.

Tourists are voting with their wallets and pocketbooks and that should get the attention of officials.

Hopefully a resolution to solve the problem of cleanliness can be found soon or it will continue to erode the satisfaction tourists have when visiting the location on a vacation getaway.

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