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Los Cabos Shows It Can Handle Cruise Emergencies After Medical Evacuation Of American Tourist

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An American tourist had to be evacuated from the popular Celebrity Solstice cruise as it neared the Cabo San Lucas shore. According to reports, the crew aboard the Celebrity Solstice alerted authorities on shore that one of their passengers was suffering a major medical emergency. Upon receiving the distress call, Los Cabos navy personnel stationed at the Cabo San Lucas port deployed a defender boat to provide medical attention to the passenger, who was reportedly going through a severe neurological episode. 

Ambuelence At Dock Next To A Large Cruise Ship

As the defender boat made its way towards the Celebrity Solstice, first responders on land were also alerted. This allowed for smooth transport from the cruise ship to a medical facility in Los Cabos, where the American tourist was able to receive proper medical attention. Once the navy personnel boarded the Celebrity Solstice, they stabilized the patient and took her to shore, where an ambulance was waiting to make the final journey to a local hospital.    

Celebrity Cruise Ship in the ocean

What Happens When A Passenger Gets Sick On A Cruise

The process just described is essentially the ideal way that a major medical emergency can be handled on a cruise. In this particular instance, it seemed like the American tourist was exhibiting symptoms of a stroke. Presumably, she was first tended to by the doctor or doctors on board the Celebrity Solstice. Virtually all cruise ships that make trips to the Cabo region feature an onboard doctor. It’s typically this medical professional that will alert the ship’s captain if a medical emergency is severe enough to require hospitalization. 

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Royal Caribbean cruise ship in the ocean

If a medical emergency is declared, then the cruise ship has to contact help on land. In the case of Los Cabos, the Mexican Navy is responsible for tending to these types of emergencies. Not only is it important to point out that there are always first responders on hand to deal with these types of situations. It’s also noteworthy that the port of Cabo San Lucas has defender boats that allow the Navy to carry out these rescue missions. 

Lady Being Transported on A Strecher In A Rocky Beach

That’s not necessarily the case in all of the ports that popular cruise ships visit. Particularly in the Caribbean. Since details of the aforementioned incident were made public, the Mexican Navy used the opportunity to remind tourists that anyone can contact them in case of a medical emergency. Particularly one that occurs at sea. 

Rescue Boat Deployed To The Scene of cruise ship incident

The following numbers can be used to contact the Mexican Navy in case of emergency; 624 105 11 10, and 800 62 74 6 21. The problem with dialing 911 in the case of a medical emergency at sea is that the operator may have to waste time connecting your call to the Navy personnel. Technically help can be reached at 911 as well, though.        

Los Cabos Cruise Terminal

There’s No Shortage Of Medical Facilities In Los Cabos

No information was disclosed with regard to the medical facility that the American woman who suffered the medical emergency was taken to. One of the biggest advantages of Los Cabos, particularly for American tourists, is that there is a multitude of medical facilities available in the region. Perhaps the most prominent facilities in the region are Saint Luke’s hospitals. There are at least 8 of these hospitals in the Cabo region. 

Saint Luke's Hospital Building Parking Lot

With facilities in both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. These hospitals feature medical tourism packages that travelers could book even before visiting the region. Of course, there are also public hospitals across the region and other private facilities. The main reason why we highlight Saint Luke’s is that they have an emphasis on English-speaking service, and the hospital works with popular travel insurance companies. In general, the Cabo region is perhaps one of the best equipped when it comes to medical facilities out of all of the popular Mexican beach destinations.

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