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Los Cabos And Surrounding Destinations Are Some Of The Safest In Mexico

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New statistics have shown that Los Cabos and its surrounding destinations are among the safest in Mexico. Los Cabos, and the state as a whole, has been praised for its low crime rates and dedication to protecting tourists.

One of the main reasons for the area’s safety is the strong presence of local authorities. The government has invested in state police to ensure the safety of both residents and visitors. This has helped to create a safe and secure environment for visitors to enjoy.

Los Cabos beach aerial view with tourists enjoying the sand and sun

Los Cabos Rates of Homicide and Vehicle Theft Plummet

The State Attorney General of Justice in Baja California Sur (BCS) has announced that intentional homicides have decreased by 95%. At the same time, vehicle theft has reduced by 74% since 2018. Locals and the tourism industry alike welcome this news. State Attorney General Daniel de la Rosa Anaya states that the dramatic reductions result from new practices implemented over the past four years and are having a significant impact on public safety in Los Cabos and the state of BCS.

Mexican State Police truck

The 95% decrease in homicides is very impressive, as homicides are one of the most challenging crimes to prevent. This contrasts with national statistics, which show a drop of only 3%. It’s no secret that Mexico has struggled to shake a reputation for violence. But these statistics are a good reminder that when broken down by state, many places in the country are perfectly safe for tourists.

Municipal Police truck Los Cabos

The 74% decrease in vehicle theft is also significant, as stolen cars can majorly burden car owners and tourists with rental cars. But more importantly, vehicles are often stolen to be used in other crimes. It is seen as a good sign of dropping crime levels when vehicle theft is reduced.

Mexican Motorcycle cop on his bike

Los Cabos Burglary and Street Theft Also Down

The rates of burglary and street theft have also fallen in the last four years. Burglary has fallen by an impressive 63%. While street theft, which includes everything from pickpocketing to violent robbery, has decreased by 52%. In the case of burglary, it’s not a massive concern to tourists. This is thanks to Los Cabos hotels generally having excellent security. But the stats on street theft are very encouraging. These crimes are often the biggest concern for tourists. And no matter where people travel, even in the safest cities of the world, tourists require vigilance with their belongings.

mexico police officer riding atv on beach

Focused Policing Brings Huge Results

There have been plenty of stories to report recently about policing in Los Cabos. And unlike some parts of Mexico, the reports in Los Cabos are often positive. The state government and police have made great strides in tackling crime while also improving their image as a public service. Some recent actions that have contributed to this include the addition of 150 new police officers in Los Cabos, the announcement of operations to catch people driving under the influence of alcohol, and the deployment of soldiers to the beaches of Los Cabos, giving an extra layer of protection for visitors.

Police on Los Cabos Beach

More Security Measures In 2023

There are already confirmed reports of more improvements to come in 2023, including 300 new security cameras in the main tourist hotspots of Los Cabos and a further 25,000 street lights, on top of the 7,500 already installed to improve security at night.

Two Security Cameras

Attorney General Praises Partnership With US

It was at the US-Mexico Binational Summit of attorney generals, held in Los Cabos that these new statistics were released. BCS State Attorney General, Daniel de la Rosa Anaya, thanked the United States for their continued support, which included providing 11 courses for agents of the state authorities in BCS, as well as experts to consult on policing improvements.

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