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Los Cabos Reinforces Cleaning Efforts To Give Summer Visitors Pristine Beaches

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With the summer travel season right around the corner, local marine officials are busy cleaning the beaches to prepare for the upcoming tourist season as well as the upcoming hurricane season.

Cleaning Underway For The Summer

Los Cabos Beach Arch

Everywhere a tourist turns around the beaches of Los Cabos, the Municipal Coordination of the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone of Los Cabos (ZOFEMAT) workers are there combing the most popular tourist beaches for trash and hidden danger.

At El Medano Beach, they have rakes, buckets, and sifters deployed to get rid of discarded trash, metal items and other potential hazards in the sand.

As they work, they are uncovering a number of possible dangers on the beach.

Everything from plastic materials, metal cans, pots, branches, nails and even cardboard with staples is painstakingly being extracted from the sand.

Trash on the beach

The cleaning of the beaches after the peak spring travel season prepares the popular tourist attractions for the upcoming summer season.

It also helps to prepare the beaches for the upcoming hurricane season.

Start of The Hurricane Season

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Black sky as hurricane heads in from the beach

The Pacific hurricane season officially gets underway on May 15 and preparations are already underway in Los Cabos for what is expected to be a rather busy season.

Early predictions call for a busier than usual hurricane season with several named storms at level three and above.

Level three hurricanes are considered dangerous strong storms and carry winds from 111 to 129 miles per hour. These hurricanes cause significant damage to trees and structures. It can also lead to the loss of water and power.

Beach Equipment Damaged In Hurricane

The warming of the oceans for an upcoming expected El Niño effect is what is behind the increased hurricane activity in the Pacific Ocean this year. It also led to an extension of the whale-watching season into April for the first time in many years.

Cleaning the beaches in advance of the hurricane season helps protect the trash and waste from washing out to the sea in a large hurricane.

Along with cleaning the beaches for the hurricane season, the work also helps maintain the blue flag status of many of the beaches in Los Cabos.

Wave crashing up on shore during hurricane

Blue Flag Recognized Beaches

The blue flag designation recognizes a small number of beaches around the world for their cleanliness, environmental standard and dedication to tourist safety.

Several of the beaches in Los Cabos meet this very important and valuable international standard. This leads to an increase in tourism from visitors that are aware of and actively seek out these beaches around the world.

Blue flag on beach

Meeting this standard requires a significant commitment from government officials committed to maintaining the pristine cleanliness of the beaches.

In Los Cabos, this has led to bonfire restrictions on the beaches both because of the safety standpoint of unburnt wood and nails causing hazards for visitors as well as the environmental impact of ash in the sand.

Now that the peak spring travel season is complete, local officials are making sure the beaches are back to blue flag standards prior to the arrival of the summer season tourists.

Couple enjoying a pool

What Tourists Can Do

Tourists can play a very important part in keeping the beaches clean to ensure they are ready for the hurricane season and maintain the important blue flag designation.

It’s important to observe local rules for disposing of trash in proper bins and recycling whenever possible.

Trash can overflowing on beach

If the trash bin is full, as they often are during the busy summer season, alert a lifeguard or other municipal worker to make sure the bin is emptied.

Remember, the mission when visiting Los Cabos beaches is to pack in and pack out. Carry out and properly dispose of all items brought to the beach.

Working together, Los Cabos officials and visitors to the beach resort destination can work together to make sure the beach remains clean for everyone to enjoy from around the world.

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